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Miposaur WowWee

WowWee Toy Robot

Discover the new brand of WooWee’s, a very intelligent robot toy: MiPosaur™.

The Gesture Sense technology makes MiPosaur™ responds to his owner gesture.

Play the music, shake MiPosaur™’s trackball and he’ll lead you on your favorite music. 

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Site Reference : RA_SIL018
Manufacturer Reference : E50027

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MiPosaur reacts like a really interactive pet. He responds to you: Swipe your hand around him, cover his eyes, yank his tail and you’ll be amazed about his responses.

Moreover you can control him with his trackball or his application (iOS or android) which allow him to follow your lead, eat and do a lot of activities.

It mobile’s app really helps you to follow his emotions and plans battles with other robot.

MiPosaur™ is really smart and friendly, so invite him to play football with you, he will never say you no!


- Miposaur WowWee x1

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