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WowWee MiP White Robot

WowWee Toy Robot

Discover your new robot friend MIP!

Controlled through hands thanks to the GESTURESENSE™ technology or with an application on iOS or Android, you can play up to 7 different games!

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Site Reference : RA_SIL016
Manufacturer Reference : E50014

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MIP is the new interactive robot from WowWee. Perched on these two unique wheels, it is highly stable thanks to its swaying.

It will remain in position even when the tray is loaded! It can carry its own weight.

MIP goes with hand movements through GESTURESENSE ™ technology, which makes the robot control very easy. We access to 7 interactive games:

- Normal mode: it reacts to movements of hands or clapping
- Tray mode: you have 30 seconds to pick up the most things on his tray
- Cage mode: find objects to block MIP in its movement, it will seek out
- Tricks mode: MIP will learn your movement that it will reproduce
- Mode ballad MIP walks avoiding obstacles
- Dance mode: MIP dance on its integrated favourite songs

But it can also be directed from an iOS or Android smartphone. This free app leverages the capabilities of the product and allows controlling it.
You can play other music, do battle with another MIP, and make him dance, swing and many other things!

MIP has sound sensors and motion, allowing it to react when you move or claps your hands and activate its sounds and lights effects.

His movements are precise and it can detect obstacles; he does not speak our language but the WowWee language, which makes it even more endearing. If you take care of it, it will be your best friend. If not, if you make it fall, MIP will be angry.

This 20 cm robot requires 4 AAA batteries not included.





- MIP White x1
- Tray x1

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