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Stay connected everyday with its smart watches and wristbands.

MyKronoz is a Swiss company headquartered in Geneva that designs and develops wearables devices to improve our increasingly mobile, connected and digital lifestyles.

This manufacturer mainly develops original connected and economic watches for many years.

Some of their models have the features that come out of the ordinary and bring a dose of innovation in this field:

  • Connected tracker with heart-rate sensor
  • Connected watch with contactless payment NFC
  • Connected watch with GPS
  • Connected watch with integrated telephone and 2G SIM card

MyKronoz offers the connected, functional and intuitive ranges, discover them on Robot-advance. 

Connected Watch MyKronoz ZeFit 3 blue

MyKronoz ZeFit 3 Blue

MyKronoz Activity Tracker With Color Touchscreen
MyKronoz ZeFit 3 HR Black

MyKronoz ZeFit 3 HR Black

MyKronoz Activity Tracker With Color Touchscreen
MyKronoz ZeRound Black

MyKronoz ZeRound Black

MyKronoz Connected Swatch
MyKronoz ZeSport orange connected watch

MyKronoz ZeSport Orange

MyKronoz Multisport GPS Smartwatch With Sleek Design
MyKronoz ZeWatch 4 Black

MyKronoz ZeWatch 4 Black

MyKronoz Smartwatch With Contactless Payment
MyKronoz ZeWatch 4 HR Black

MyKronoz ZeWatch 4 HR Black

MyKronoz Smartwatch With Xontactless Payment And Heart-Rate Sensor
MyKronoz ZeCircle 2

MyKronoz ZeCircle 2

Connected Watch Contactless Payment / Black, Brown Or Pink
MyKronoz ZeTel Black

MyKronoz ZeTel Black

2G micro-SIM MyKronoz Standalone Watchphone
MyKronoz ZeFit 4 red

MyKronoz ZeFit 4 Red

MyKronoz Smartwatch
MyKronoz ZeFit 4 HR Black

MyKronoz ZeFit 4 HR

Activity Tracker Cardiac Sensor / Blue, Black or Pink
MyKronoz ZeRound 2 Black

MyKronoz ZeRound 2 Connected Watch

MyKronoz Connected Swatch / Black Or White
Zetime Premium Petite MyKronoz gold and brown

Zetime Premium Petite And Regular MyKronoz

Connected Watch: Gold, Silver, Black Or Pink
MyKronoz ZeCircle 2 Premium silver

MyKronoz ZeCircle 2 Premium

Connected Watch Contactless Payment / Black Or Silver
Connected watch Zetime Elite MyKronoz Titanium

Zetime Elite Petite And Regular MyKronoz

Colors Titanium, Pink, Gold, Black Metal Or Brushed Silver
Bracelets ZeFit 3 MyKronoz

Bracelets ZeFit 3 MyKronoz Silicone

3 ZeFit 3 Bracelets Black, White And Brown
Bracelets ZeCircle MyKronoz silicone

Bracelets ZeCircle MyKronoz Silicone

3 ZeCircle Bracelets Turquoise, Orange And Yellow
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