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MyKronoz ZeTel Black

2G micro-SIM MyKronoz Standalone Watchphone

MyKronoz ZeTel, a smartwatch with features that are necessary for your daily well-being.

With its pedometer and heart-rate sensor, this connected watch ensures medical monitoring on your wrist.

Featuring microphone, speaker and 2G Micro-SIM slat, ZeTel takes the role of assistant of your phone.

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Site Reference : RA_TRA012
Manufacturer Reference : ZETEL-BLACK

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ZeTel by MyKronoz, intelligent activity tracker that know how to take over your smartphone!

MyKronoz has designed ZeTel as a watchphone.

Equipped with a Micro-SIM 2G slat, built-in microphone and speaker, ZeTel allows you to handle calls and text messages directly from your wrist.

Once connected with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0, on its transflective color touchscreen, ZeTel notifies you of incoming calls, SMS, emails, social media activity and life reminders without having to look at your phone.

In other words, ZeTel takes the role of assistant of your phone, but on top of that, ZeTel is designed to guarantee you well-being.

Equipped with a 6-axis accelerometer and a heart-rate sensor, this connected watch plays the role of sports coach on your wrist.

It helps you to understand the behaviors of your body, especially when you are doing physical activities.

This smartwatch measures your heart-rate and distance travelled, counts your daily steps, and calculates calories burned.

Like other connected objects by MyKronoz, ZeTel comes with a free mobile app that let you pick and choose the information according to your preferences.

You will have the opportunity, for example, of setting your daily goals and seeing the improvement of your personal performance.

MyKronoz also enhances the connectivity of ZeTel, this watchphone also works as a camera remote, and that helps you to remotely control your smartphone camera.

You can listen your favorite song from your wrist.

Besides, ZeTel can perform tasks using voice commands via Siri and Google Now.

To make sure, ZeTel has an anti-lost alert, it alerts you when your phone is out of Bluetooth operating range (10m).

It provides the function “find my phone” that makes your phone rings to locate it.

ZeTel is a reel intelligent watchphone.

Technical characteristics : 

  • Brand: MyKronoz
  • Product name: ZePhone
  • Connect wirelessly: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 3G
  • Dimensions: 40.5*13.5*62 mm
  • Weight: 45 g
  • Battery type: Li-ion 320 mAh
  • Talk time: 3 hours
  • Standby time: 3 days
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Display: transflective touchscreen 
  • Sensor: 6-axis accelerometer
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • Water resistance: IP54
  • International warranty: 1 year
  • Accessory included: charger-USB cable
  • Application: compatible from IOS 8, Android 4.3



  • 1x MyKronoz ZeTel Noir
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