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Edison 2019 Design Contest

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Edison Candy Distributor Challenge

Who doesn't like candy? And isn't the reward better when it is won following a challenge?

Join Edison for the Edison 2019 Robot Design Competition!

Challenge design robot Edison 2019

About the Edison 2019 competition

By using one or more Edison robots, you must create your candy dispenser models. The design details, the way he distributes the candies and the choice of candies are entirely free!

The winner of the grand prize of the competition (chosen by the Edison jury) will win a set of ten Edison robots and 5 EdCreate kits, worth approximately €460.

Additional prizes will be awarded to the winner of each category of judges.

The models will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Execution
  • Use of the Edison robot(s), including programming 

The contest is open to all but entries must be received before midnight on December 20, 2019, so start designing, programming and most importantly having fun!


Edison 2019 contest design

Rules for participation in the Edison 2019 challenge

You will find below all the rules for participation in the contest. It is open to everyone and you can propose as many creations as you wish. Participation is free and allows Microbric, the Edison robot company, to use the drawings, images and videos of your creation.

Children under 16 years of age may also participate in this Edison contest but must be represented by a parent or guardian.

If you want to have a chance to win the Edison 2019 robot competition:

  • The creations you propose must be original creations
  • The creations must contain at least one Edison robot that must contribute to the design
  • The creations can use any combination of LEGO bricks, EdCreate parts or other elements to create a unique candy dispensing experience.
  • The submission of your creation must include all the required details described in the submission form.
  • The bidding period runs from September 2, 2019 to December 20, 2019. Entries received after December 20, 2019 at midnight GMT-4 will not be considered.

Edison 2019 Design Challenge as a class project

Show your students that learning about computers is not just about writing programs! The Edison Robot Design Challenge is an ideal project to explore design thinking and test the skills of the 21st century. 

To help your students get started, we have created a guide to help them brainstorm, plan and repeat their invention. This short guide presents ideas such as decomposition and the design-build-test cycle, and then helps students create independently. 

Download the student project planning guide HERE

Ready to celebrate your students' success? Give them a certificate to recognize their efforts by participating in the design challenge.

  • Download the colour entry form HERE
  • Download the participation form in black and white HERE

Find out more about this Edison 2019 Design Challenge

How do I submit my entry?
Registrations must be submitted using the registration form HERE

Submissions must include all required information indicated on the form, including photographs of the design and a video of the design in action (90 seconds or less). Feel free to include any additional details that may be considered by the judges.

Once you have received the quote, you will receive a confirmation email within 3 business days (excluding holidays). If you do not receive confirmation within 5 working days, it is recommended to check your spam folder or contact Edison directly at or via the contact form. 

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