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Robot-Advance impacted by OVH fire

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Fire at the web host OVH in Strasbourg

Some of you may have missed this news that impacted the French web. This Wednesday, March 10, 2021, a large-scale fire of accidental cause broke out in the premises of the company OVH in Strasbourg. The company OVH is specialized in the hosting of websites and it is not less than 3.6 million websites which fell down among which:

  • Hundreds of websites of cities like Vichy, Arras or Cherbourg
  • Sports clubs
  • Media outlets
  • Political parties

The websites that did not have an external backup solution can only wait until the services and the new servers are back online by the company OVH (which should be done next week), hoping that their backups are not located in the same building as their burned servers.

The server hosting the Robot-Advance website was located in the building that was completely destroyed by the fire, which is why our website was inaccessible for most of the day on Wednesday.

Robot-Advance and OVH fires: SOS, 1 missing order !

Robot Advance

The server of the website and its data have been completely destroyed in the night of 9 to 10 March 2021. Our website is backed up every night but this backup is unfortunately scheduled a few hours after the fire started in the OVH server room, so it was too late! 

We did everything to recover all the data of the day of March 9, 2021 with success but we still lost the information related to a last specific order.

Unfortunately, we were unable to retrieve the necessary information to identify a last order that was placed on March 09, 2021 at 21h33 for an amount of 413.99€. The customer concerned has not yet contacted us and can call us directly at 0437479145 in order to proceed again with the creation of his account and the shipping of his order.

We work with a service provider based in the Lyon region without whom we would not have been able to put the website back online so quickly. Many customers were impacted and we thank them for their successful rescue operation! They allowed us to recover a large part of the data, to put the site back online and to ensure the delivery of 99.9% of our customers as if nothing had happened.

As an integral part of the French web, we bring all our support to the OVH company and to the other websites impacted by this fire, hoping that everything will quickly return to order for them and their customers.

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