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Miranda: robotic simulation software

Educational robots

The Miranda software addresses a number of issues that are extremely important for schools that already have or wish to integrate educational robots into their classroom programs. This universal robotics simulation software allows you to perform virtual simulations in Scratch or Python for many robot models, in order to prepare class work, exercises or even to tame its movements and reactions in complete safety so as not to have any unpleasant surprises when the time comes.

Click on the image below to discover the product sheet. Up to and including 2020 June 15, the Miranda software is at -10% regardless of the license chosen !

Product miranda software simulation robot

All this is done entirely online using a browser, which ensures simplicity of implementation and use by students and teachers alike.


Miranda robotics simulation software

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Simulation for existing and non-existing educational robots

The Miranda robotics simulation software has an extensive library of educational robots that plans to expand further in the future:


  • mBot
  • Edison
  • Dash
  • Drone Tello
  • Codey Rocky
  • Lego
  • Ozobot
  • Thymio

Despite this already extensive library, some brands offer the possibility to create your own robot models. Miranda's educational robot simulation software is adaptable and offers a Premium package that also allows you to create and virtually simulate your own robot models. Whatever type of robot you have or imagine, Miranda offers an online simulation solution.


Scratch and Python Programming Simulation

The robotic programming languages offered by the major brands of educational robots make it possible, among other things, to adapt to the different levels of students and to use a robotics package for a middle school, high school or more advanced level class.


scratch and python robotic simulation


The fact that the Miranda software offers a robotic simulation that can be programmed in Scratch and Python languages is an undeniable strength. 

Interactive editors are directly integrated into the application. When the simulation is launched, the evolution of the program is directly displayed on Scratch for easy tuning.


Online use and backup

Because a school's computer equipment should not be a hindrance to using the Miranda robotic simulation software, it is entirely online. You will not need to physically install the software on the machine but can access it simply from an internet browser.

The software comes with a release key that allows access and use from any machine. A low-powered machine will not interfere with the performance of the Miranda software.

Likewise, the reduced storage space of your computer will not hinder the multiplication of simulations since they will all be recorded and stored online. You will be able to access them at any time and from any machine.


Miranda software and robotics competitions

Many educational robots are used by schools or associations in order to participate in various robotics competitions that are multiplying in France and Europe. 


challenge miranda robotic simulation


Miranda's robot simulation software offers a wide range of challenges that you can take on and virtually train for before the big day, in the classroom or during your competitions:

  • Using existing challenges
  • Creating your own challenges
  • Share your challenges to challenge students and other schools alike.


Miranda robotics simulation software: highlights and available versions

To sum up, the strengths of the Miranda robotic simulation software:

  • Simulation and programming in Scratch and/or Python.
  • Use and backup online from a simple browser
  • Many models of educational robots in the library - Premium version for your own robots
  • Use existing challenges, create your own and share them.


Miranda logo robotic simulation software


Different versions of the Miranda software available for more possibilities:

  • Editing of one type of robot, up to 4 robotic simulation scenarios
  • Standard edition: access to all types of robots, up to 8 robotic simulation scenarios
  • Premium Edition: access to all types of robots, unlimited robotic simulation scenarios, create your own robots and share your simulations

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