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Mykronoz connected watches: The Swiss Watch

Connected Objects

Robot Advance is a range of latest generation toy or educational robots but also connected objects selected by hand for their design, technology, innovation or performance. Many of the criteria found in Mykronoz connected watches, made in Switzerland and which I will present to you today.

Mykronoz watches

Whether they are digital screen or handheld, the connected Mykronoz watches retain an elegant, customizable design and combine various features that will allow you to be more or less connected throughout the day, depending on the models.

Mykronoz Zecircle 2 watch black

This is the latest addition to the brand with the following features:

  • A silicone bracelet 
  • An ultra-flat digital display in aluminium

Montre connectée Mykronoz Zecircle 2

The screen can be detached from the bracelet and changed according to your mood. The black Zecircle 2 watch is perfect for sportsmen and mobile enthusiasts as it offers:

  • Contactless payment integrated with the Mykronoz Pay portfolio
  • Monitoring of physical activity (not, calories burned...)
  • Sleep tracking
  • Connecting to your mobile to receive e-mail alerts, calls, text messages, social networks or events on the watch 
  • Control of the smartphone camera to take selfis with the watch
  • Controlling music with the watch
  • Many features, an elegant design and a very attractive price of 59.9€.

Product sheet : Watch connected Mykronoz Zecircle 2 black

Mykronoz Zeround 2 noir

Some of you may never get used to the idea of the digital display of the connected watches. This model may interest you since it has a dial with hands but is still connected to your phone, your sleep, your social networks or your physical activity.


Montre connectée Zeround 2 Mykronoz

The price of this Mykronoz watch model is higher than the Zecircle 2 but remains very affordable for a Swiss design and its various features:

  • The watch is compatible with Siri voice commands and Google Now
  • It allows you to control your music or camera remotely
  • It alerts you when you move too far from your phone so you don't lose it
  • A geolocation function of your phone will allow you to find it wherever it is
  • A free application allows you to choose the elements to be displayed on the connected watch
  • Your email, event, SMS or social network notifications are displayed on the screen
  • The watch vibrates / rings when you receive a call
  • You can follow your physical activity or sleep by wearing it

All presented in an almost ordinary and very elegant watch design compared to existing connected watches.

Product sheet : Watch connected Mykronoz Zeround 2 black


Mykronoz Zewatch 4

This latest model of presentation of Mykronoz connected watches is a mixture of the first and second for an intermediate price. The display is totally digital but rectangular in shape and not square like other models: more elegant and easy to wear.


Montre connectée Zewatch 4 Mykronoz

This model is presented as a mobile phone dashboard and has very similar features to the previous one:

  • Control of physical activity and sommail
  • Siri and Google Now compatibility
  • Remote control of music and camera
  • Anti-loss functions of your mobile phone
  • Display of SMS, e-mail, calendar and other notifications defined via the free mobile application of Mykronoz
  • Receiving calls directly with the watch

But this connected watch also has the advantage of the Zecircle 2, namely the integration of contactless payment directly on the watch. Create a Mykronoz portfolio, reload it and pay directly on the payment terminal. Very interesting in many situations.

Product sheet : Zewatch 4 Mykronoz connected watch

The Mykronoz brand

Mykronoz is a Swiss-based company that regularly offers new connected watches that stand out from other models thanks to their very elegant and refined design. Connected objects that are easier to carry in all circumstances.

The brand's objective is to offer technological, mobile and easy-to-use products to make your daily life easier. The products are generally recognized and appreciated by the general public thanks to their technology and especially at prices that defy all competition.

The next innovation will be the Mykronoz Zetime connected watch, which will be presented for a demonstration at the CES in Las Vegas 2018, from January 9 to 12. Its particularities? Its design is very similar to unconnected watches and hands placed directly on the digital screen. A hybrid watch that will probably generate a lot of ink.

Montre connectée Zetime de Mykronoz

Mykronoz watches in video

Finally, I suggest you to see the tutorial video of the connected Zewatch 4 watch. You can see its appearance and design without tricks!

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