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Ozobot robot: the guide for the classroom

Educational robots

As a remainder, Ozobot is an educational robot of new generation that is very little and programmable and that allows to learn the basis of STEM/ STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) in a playful way thanks to a simple and adapted programming system for classrooms. It offers numerous games and exercises that can be used in class during the defined sessions. 

labyrinthe Ozobot

If you wish to know more about the different available models, I invite you to discover: 

There are different packs and models with which some will be adapted in schools and it’s them that will give us an interest since the brand proposes today a user guide of Ozobot robot in class, for the teachers and adapted for the National Education’s program. 

The guide of Ozobot for schools 

Some brands of educational robots don’t do effort to offer the necessary explications and tools to help teachers to correctly use the robots and to properly insert them in the educational programs. Here we will have a look around the mastery guide of Ozobot and what it contains. A real preparatory work for teachers who could know in a short time if these robots are interesting for their classes and what to begin with for integrating them in. 

Introduction of mastery guide 

The Ozobot guide for schools is very complete since it contains 101 pages entirely dedicated to the educational robot and who starts with an inventory before going into the detail of programs and the apprenticeship.  

Thus you will find at the beginning of general responds to the question that the teachers can ask such as: 

  • How can you use the Ozobots with your students in your class?
  • What courses and progressions are available?
  • Where get hold of the Ozobots robots for the classrooms? ( I make a slight digression about this point because Robot-Advance proposes two special packs for schools: Ozobot Bit classroom kit and Ozobot Evo classroom kit)
  • What to start when you have your educational robots?
  • What do you need to complete a full course around the robot?
  • Where can teachers find help around the Ozobots? 

A very detailed introduction that gives every information to teachers that they need to start the classes properly with in addition: 

  • The related classes
  • The distribution of program about a number of special courses
  • The courses records available
  • The Ozocodes
  • The logbook
  • The DIY activities to set up
  • Etc… 

All you need to know about the Ozobot robot 

How can teachers plan the use of Ozobot in class if they don’t know perfectly the slightest aspects? The brand solves this problem in the Ozobot use guide through the headings: 

  • More about Ozobot (protect, recharge, calibrate, regulate…)
  • The detail of the technology including in this little robot 

technologie dans les robots Ozobot

  • The detail of the sessions to be set up with the students : the subjects covered and the material needed for each of the 5 sessions that constitute the STEAM learning cycle 

Les cours avec Ozobot

These sessions are of course detailed in the guide so that teachers know exactly what they are made and how to be taken place during the course.

The Ozobot sessions in class

The guide details the entire course of the session, which you will find by reading all the pages. For each session you will find:

  • The duration, the concerned cycle and the targeted  level
  • What the students will learn during the lesson
  • The broached  subjects
  • The required materials
  • The relation with the other programs
  • The proceedings of the lesson: exercises, information, organization, games, solutions… 

The Ozobot sessions presented in the guide and adapted for the National Education programs are in the below: 

  • Session 1: Ozobot, what’s it? ( 60 minutes, cycle 2 and 3, beginning level)
  • Session 2: how Ozobot takes decisions? (60 minutes, cycle 3 and 4, beginning level)
  • Session 3:  how many codes an Ozobot can read? (60 minutes – 90 minutes with an optional activity, cycle 3 and 4, beginning level)
  • Session 4: the basis of programming (60 minutes, level 3 and 4, beginning level)
  • Session 5: the programming and the geometry (60 minutes, cycle 3 and 4, beginning level)

A development of educational robots in school 

The educational robots and the STEAM learning are more and more present in schools and allow to give complentary ways to learn official programs of National Educational. This new guide will allow schools and teachers to integrate more easily the Ozobot in class and by dint of similar actions; it will become more and more easy and obvious for schools. 

I suggest you to finish with this video that introduces the use of Ozobot robots in school. If you’re a teacher or school, don’t hesitate to contact us for the guide. 

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