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Kits to learn robotics and programming

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Products related to learning electronics, robotics or programming have long been reserved for schools with complicated kits requiring courses, long-term learning phases and sustained follow-up to progress properly. The best known of these is LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Education, which has a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Home version but is difficult for the uninitiated to learn.

This era is over and manufacturers as well as Robot-Advance are struggling to offer today affordable, complete, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement kits so that each child can, according to his level, learn or improve in these areas, both alone and with the support of their parents.

Robot-Advance has recently started working with European and American manufacturers of electronics and robotics kits offering kits accessible to all and that you will all find in our online store. To help you find your way around, you can discover the main ones on this page. Kits that we think are perfect for different, useful and out of the ordinary gifts.

Boson Starter Kit for Micro:bit

Boson starter kit micro:bit

You want to learn the principles of Micro:bit editing and programming but don't know where to start? Then we recommend the Boson Starter Kit for Micro:bit. It contains a micro:bit BBC card on which to connect different modules to be programmed to create different projects.

Recommended for children aged 10 years and older:

  • Cultivates children's programming skills
  • Supports the interaction of sound, light and movement
  • Delivered with 8 modules, 4 quick start project sheets
  • Contains a tutorial of 12 projects from start to finish

To help you easily understand the use of each module, the microbit boson kit comes with a quick start guide, including 4 basic projects with wiring and sample codes.

The Boson platform has more than 50 different modules, including sensors, actuators, logic gates and more. The modules in the different categories are intuitively coded in four colors. This means that you will not be able to buy new modules separately to start new projects.

Find all the information on the kit product sheet HERE.

Circuit Scribe : drone to build and pilot

Drone circuit scribe

Build and pilot your own drone with the Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit! Power your cardboard arms with electrically conductive silver ink and connect the HUB and motors of your drone. Download the application to control the drone and take off! 

The application includes hovering, takeoff and landing modes that are easy to use. You can also test your skills manually using the joystick. Use the prefabricated plastic arms provided for your tests or create your own arm models with the extra cardboard provided. 

This kit contains everything you need to create your drone, to circulate electricity and to pilot it with your smartphone: 

  • Conductive ink pen Circuit Scribe
  • 4 engines and 8 propellers
  • UAV HUB with onboard camera
  • Cardboard arms for filling the tracks with conductive ink
  • Blank cardboard to create your own arms
  • Prefabricated plastic arms for testing
  • Battery and battery charger
  • Download the iOS & Android application to control your drone with your smartphone

All the information on the product sheet HERE.

MAKERbuino: create your portable console and program your games


Circuimess is a brand specialized in projects mixing electronics and programming but with kits adapted to all levels: they contain everything necessary to carry out the projects and especially step-by-step guides.

MAKERbuino offers children the opportunity to build their own game console :

  • A game console to make yourself
  • Educational
  • Funny
  • 8 bits
  • Mobile
  • Cool
  • Open source
  • Arduino powered
  • Customizable

Build your open source handheld game console with a bit of DIY and a curiosity for technology. MAKERbuino is also an educational device that will help young and old alike to get their imagination going.

All information on the product sheet HERE.

Micro:bit robotics kits: programmable buggy

Kitronik robotic kit

For those who are not familiar with Micro:bit, it is a small card powered by a USB cable and on which you can connect various elements such as LED lights, buttons, displays and much more. This card is used in many schools for learning electronics, robotics and programming.

Robot-Advance has therefore concocted the perfect kit to introduce you to these principles. A kit with which you will create a small buggy robot by following the steps indicated. Once this little robot is assembled, our robotics kit will accompany you to connect crocodile clips and LED's to be programmed.

This little robot on wheels is equipped with a BBC Micro:bit card that you can program simply with a drag-and-drop visual block system via the Makecode interface. The kit you will receive contains all the instructions to guide you step by step and the community is very active on the internet, offering you many free resources and projects in free access.

Find all the information on the product sheet of our kit HERE.

Starter kit for Arduino

The famous community development platform Arduino offers an easy, quick and fun introduction to development and electronics. We propose on Robot-Advance complete kits to accompany you step by step in this discovery.

Arduino Beginners Kit

The starter kit for Arduino followed strict guidelines in the design and choice of packaging, materials and circuit production technology. The Arduino DFRobot starter kit for beginners therefore ensures the highest quality :

  • Components packed in their own bags: convenient to store and easy to find.
  • 100% quality control: Quality assurance through state-of-the-art technology.
  • Yarns imported from Germany: firm, thick and difficult to break.
  • Color recognizable ports: A/D ports easy to distinguish.
  • Project cards: clear wiring diagram, easy to realize.

Each course will guide you through quick project implementation, stimulate your interest in learning, and then deepen your knowledge of electronics and programming. Thus, the structure of this program is as follows :

  • List of materials
  • Hardware connection
  • Code writing
  • Code Revision
  • Hardware Revision    

Find all the information on the kit product sheet HERE.

Gravity: Starter kit for Arduino

Gravity starter kit for Arduino

Gravity Arduino Starter kit is a kit that contains a set of plug&play electronic tools to allow beginners and budding creators to discover the Arduino experience in a simple and fun way. 

The Gravity Starter Kit also comes with a tutorial to help beginners understand Arduino programming. The tutorial goes through the installation of the software, the Arduino IDE, and its programming language, and then teaches you how to :

  • Build an electrical circuit
  • Use the different electrical components and their signalling

It also includes instructions for building projects ranging from lighting one LED to using multiple components to realize projects such as "Fire Alarm" or "Weather Station". The tutorial is full of graphics and is written in a simple way, so anyone can build their own project using this starter kit.

Find all the information on the kit product sheet HERE.

Insectbot Hexa : robot based on Arduino for children

Insectbot Hexa Arduino beginners

The Hexa insect robot has six legs and a larger structure than the previous generation: 15% larger in size and 20% heavier in weight. A difference that makes the Arduino Hexa robot the most powerful generation in the history of the Insectbot. This robot to be created is equipped with three high quality 9g micro servos and four AAA batteries,

The robot Insectbot Hexa is intelligent in its movements, its ability to avoid obstacles. The codes are not more difficult to read and it is still possible to program the Insectbot Hexa with the simplified Ardublock language. A graphical programming language that will allow you to fine-tune the Hexa robot. 

Find all the information on the kit product sheet HERE.

Arduino robotic kit for beginners

Arduino robotic kit for beginners

The Turtle 2WD DIY Robotics building kit is an entry-level programmable robot kit based on Arduino.

In a few simple steps of hardware assembly and software setup, you will learn everything about Arduino, robotics, sensors, bluetooth communication - as well as obstacle avoidance and remote control.

You can also go further with your own code to take advantage of the Romeo ultrasonic sensor (an Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) microcontroller), IR distance sensors and LEDs.

Find all the information on the kit product sheet HERE.

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