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Sphero RVR: controllable, programmable and customizable

Educational robots

Sphero RVR is the brand new Sphero educational robot that can be controlled and programmed. It is currently only in pre-order on the brand's website but has already been very successful on the Kickstarter platform, raising no less than €1 million from 3,450 individuals.

The Sphero RVR robot is available now as a pre-order on Robot-Advance. Click on the image below to view the product sheet:

Sphero RVR Robot Advance

Sphero RVR Robot, off-road and controllable

In addition to the educational and programmable robot side, Sphero wanted the Sphero RVR to go further in the game and entertainment aspect by offering a robot that is off-road and remotely controllable. This robot can cover all surfaces without any problem thanks to two tracks that surround the front and rear wheels and a technically very well worked balance.

Sphero RVR robot tout-terrain


Sphero RVR robot programmable by all

The Sphero RVR programmable robot goes further in programming and customization since it can be transformed by anyone into anything you want. Sphero wanted the programming to be done via the Sphero Edu platform, adapted for professors, scientists, researchers, engineers or even hackers.

Programming around the Sphero RVR has no limits and combines the Sphero Edu application, a suite of embedded sensors and a highly sophisticated control system with a truly piratable platform. The only limit seems to be everyone's imagination and skills, which will make it possible to transform the Sphero robot into different things like:

  • A personalized voice assistant
  • An autonomous metal sensor
  • A security guard at home
  • A robot that makes bubbles
  • A mobile robot equipped with a wind turbine or solar panels


Sphero RVR robot programmable


The RVR robot is equipped with a "Universal Extension Port", which will allow you to go much further in the projects you want to set up with the robot. A 4-pin UART connection allows you to connect hardware such as Arduino or RaspberryPi directly to the robot and the USB 5V 2.1A interface ensures that you will not run out of power for your projects. Elements that open the voice to all types of projects such as these few examples below:

  • Control a WiFi camera from the web
  • Build a mobile bubble blowing robot
  • Interact with the environment using a Swift robotic arm
  • Control the Sphero RVR from anywhere in the world with Iridium satComm satellites and web outlets.
  • Launching and retrieving foam darts
  • Collect volcanic rock samples
  • Collect wind measurements and transmit data to your smartphone
  • Use openCV to independently identify and spray invasive plant species
  • Attach a Bluetooth speaker and let RVR follow you while playing your favorite sounds 
  • Delivering your cat her favorite cake

The Sphero RVR control system is far superior to standard control systems. It is a professional level control system at an entry-level price: the navigation is ultra precise, an important point for advanced programming or problem solving in robotics. 


Sphero RVR Navigation

For the more experienced, you will find below some features of the Sphero RVR robot control system to get an overview of its level of professionalism and capabilities:

  • Highly adjusted closed loop vector-based control system
  • High resolution encoders
  • Embedded 9-axis IMU unit with proprietary algorithms to drive, correct and navigate according to header and relative position.

Driving in a power line is quite simple, but it takes serious science and complex technology to drive perfectly in a straight line, in an arc and stop with a precision comparable to that of a scalpel. 

The Sphero RVR robot control system is simply the most efficient on the market: it is precisely designed so that obstacles, disturbances and uneven surfaces do not affect the driving experience. 

Système de contrôle Sphero RVR


Sphero RVR: educational robot

This new Sphero RVR robot will also aim to be installed in schools to teach the youngest children about programming in a simple and intuitive way as any Sphero robot would: involve more students and teachers through practical and fun technology that harnesses the power of the game.

Students can use the joystick integrated into the Sphero Edu application to control the RVR robot like any other Sphero robot. You can also adjust the speed or customize the RVR lights with a few tapping. 

The Sphero Edu application is simple and fun to start learning to code,: start with Draw and Drive, move to block programming and as soon as you are ready for the next level, start coding in Javascript to use all the capabilities of this new educational robot.

Programmation Scratch du robot RVR

The Sphero Edu application is simple and intuitive. Visual programming in sliding color blocks, based on Scratch: a perfect introduction to coding for children and adults. For more advanced users, the JavaScript code that feeds the blocks can be encoded directly.


Sphero RVR robot components

Each component of the Sphero RVR has been carefully crafted: control system, weight, centre of gravity, clearance, wheel size, gear ratio, power delivery, industrial design, colour, lights, steps, etc.... 

The RVR robot is available as a pre-order at a price of $249.99 but would cost much more if you had to build it yourself by buying the parts separately. 


Composants du Sphero RVR


Sphero RVR sensors

  • Ambient light detector
  • RGB sensor with normalizing LED and focus objective
  • Complete 9-axis IMU - accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • 10 individually addressable RGB LEDs
  • Infrared sensor
  • High resolution 20-pole magnetic encoders


Sphero RVR durability

  • Hypergrip off-road walking
  • Clearance height of 20mm
  • Wide position for stability on steep corners and rough surfaces
  • Balanced centre of gravity for flawless agility
  • High gear ratio with incredible precision to incredible gear ratio
  • High-precision involute gears with vibration and noise damping
  • Heavy duty steel reinforced axles
  • High-powered compact motors with enough torque to climb the wall
  • Able to carry 2 lbs and potentially much more! (will be updated with the tests)


Sphero RVR Features

  • High capacity removable and rechargeable battery
  • USB-C charging
  • Battery key included
  • 4-pin UART port (RX, TX, GND, 5V, with 3.3V signals)
  • 5V 2.1A USB-A power supply + embedded data
  • Removable cover with quick release button
  • Removable protective cage
  • Mounting plate with space for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BBC microphone: tips, servos, sensors, external batteries, plastic building blocks, bubble machine, Bluetooth speaker, cup holder, foam dart launcher, etc.



In the box of Sphero's RVR robot

You will find in the box of the Sphero RVR robot all the following elements:

  • 1 RVR robot
  • 1 cover plate
  • 1 shell in roll form
  • 1 mounting plate for third-party development
  • 1 USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Color cards 


To learn more about the Sphero RVR robot, consult the Kickstarter sheet and the product sheet.

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