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Pack 1 Edison V2.0 and EdCreate Kit

Edison Educative Robot

The Edison educational robot is ideal for learning the basics of programming and construction in the classroom and at home. This robot is compatible with LEGO bricks but you can now get a pack containing an Edison robot and an EdCreate kit to work on other projects. This EdCreate kit will allow you to go further with many construction models and therefore new projects to work the STEM. New projects you can work on with your Edison educational robot are EdTank, EdDigger, EdRoboClaw, EdCrane and EdPrinter.

Each project has its own level of difficulty. To find out more, consult the Edison EdCreate kit product sheet. To know the characteristics and possibilities of the robot, see also the Edison V2.0 robot product sheet.

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This Edison educational pack contains :

1 Edison V2.0 educational robot + 1 Edison EdCreate kit

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