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Geek Club STEM robotics kits

STEM, electronics and robotics are universes that intersect and allow the learning of many essential skills for children through practical, fun and entertaining activities. Discover on Robot-Advance a new brand of electronic and robotic kits to learn STEM: Geek Club.

This American company Geek Club via Robot-Advance offers different kits Nano, Voodoo, Cyberpunk or Five Skills. These kits allow you to build with detailed instructions many robots with different characteristics and appearances.

These Geek Club robotic kits improve thinking, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by building the latest generation of pocket robots. The kits 


Geek Club robotic kits

Geek Club MAT 002 Wipe Racer Kit

DIY robot building kit Geek Club
69,00 € 41,90 €

Geek Club ANT 001 Silver Hexapod Tank Kit

Geek Club robot building kit
89,00 € 64,90 €

Geek Club W4 Scout Recon Kit

DIY STEM science kit by Geek Club
79,00 € 49,90 €

Geek Club 3RT Cyber Copter Kit

Construction of a 3RT Cybernetic Helicopter
49,00 € 29,90 €

Geek Club Robotic Kit Tool Kit

Kit of 9 parts and tools to create Geek Club robots
59,00 € 39,90 €

Geek Club Smart Nano Bots Kit

Motors, sensors and robotic parts for intelligent robots
59,00 € 35,90 €
Geek Club Magic Voodoo Bots Kit

Geek Club Magic Voodoo Bots Kit

Motors, sensors and robotic parts for intelligent robots

Geek Club MXC Two Legs Heavy Sniper Kit

Geek Club DIY robotics kit
99,00 € 69,90 €
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