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Educational kits: construction and programming

SAM Labs Education offers a wide range of educational kits that can be used in the classroom or at home. These SAM Labs Education educational kits are construction kits that will allow you to learn programming in a simple, intuitive and fun way: create projects, games, cars or even hijack everyday objects to learn programming but also STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


SAM Labs Education


Most SAM Labs Education kits come with the SPACE mobile application, which allows you to go further in creating, challenging, challenging and exploiting your imagination. The kits are available in single versions for single use but also in larger packs for use by students in schools and their classrooms.


On Robot-Advance, you will find the kits most appreciated by schools and the general public of the SAM Labs Education brand:

  • Curious car education
  • Science museum inventor kit
  • Stroke kit alpha Size
  • Course kit classroom size
  • Maker and steam course kit bundle classroom kit
Sam's Curious Car Education

Sam's Curious Car Education

SAM Labs Education Educational Kit
STEAM Course Kit SAM Labs

STEAM Course Kit SAM Labs

Learn STEAM and programming
Maker Kit SAM Labs

Maker Kit SAM Labs

Creation and programming
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