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Discounted Products

All of robot-Advance discount are here!

All robots or connected objects from the Robot-Advance website are here, domestic robots, toy robots, educational robots, but also connected objects at reduced prices. 

Bluetooth Controller For Android

Homido VR Accessory
29,99 € 25,99 €

VR360 headset PNJ

360° VR headset for videos, games and drones PNJ
19,99 € 6,99 €
Start Essential 3Doodler 3D Pen

Start Essential 3Doodler 3D Pen

3D pens and art activities for children
64,90 € 59,90 €

3Doodler 3D Build & Play

3D STEM toy for ages 4 and up 3Doodler
29,90 € 23,90 €

Waterproof housing for SN360 camera

30m waterproof housing for the PNJ SN360 camera
39,90 € 18,90 €
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