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An educational dinosaur robot

Educational robots

The educational robot market is in full swing. Every day we see robots that are able to teach children more and in a different way. Educational projects that are multiplying in schools and on the shelves of your favorite toy stores or websites. What if the children had to create their own toy and program it themselves before having fun with it? This is what Cognitoys offers with its STEMosaur robot.

Construire le robot STEMosaur

The dinosaur robot STEMosaur

STEMosaur is a customizable smart toy robot but also a learning tool for children. It can tell jokes but also provide answers to questions in a number of topics, it is also equipped with an easy-to-use control panel that allows children to learn the basics of coding and the content of the code contained in the dinosaur. The programming language used is image based for simplicity.

programmation simple du robot dino stemosaur

The children will have to assemble the dinosaur and program it before they can play with it. A way to involve them more and why not make sure they take a little more care of it than the others! The STEMosaur is designed for children over 7 years old and has the advantage of being automatically updated with the latest news thanks to Cloud and Wifi.

A robot to learn and have fun

The gaming experience of this new dinosaur robot begins with its construction. Children can understand what it is made of and appreciate all its features. Its content is adapted to children and evolves with them: as the child grows, the STEMosaur adapts to his or her level of learning to ensure that he or she is constantly challenged in education on a wide range of subjects.

Discussion avec le robot dinosaure cognitoys

The different themes addressed through games, animations and exercises are:

  • The science
  • The technology
  • Mathematics
  • The engineering
  • The basics of coding

Cognitoys relies on its educational experience, which should, through its interest, further stimulate the curiosity of children who will have fun but above all will learn in the most natural way possible. The dinosaur has enough to satisfy this curiosity since children ask an average of more than 300 questions a day and the STEMosaur robot can have intuitive conversations with them based on these questions.

As was the case with the Woobo educational robot, parents have access to all the content offered by the STEMosaur robot in order to modify or delete it if necessary.

An educational robot already appreciated

This project was set up for participatory financing while the robot was already in production. This did not prevent him from raising nearly $187,000, or 739% of his goal, thanks to 491 donors. 

équipe du robot stemosaur

This new dinosaur robot is available on the brand's website for $59, very reasonable compared to the features offered. We still have to wait for a French translation to make this educational robot accessible to the children of France. 

The Cognitoys company is not at its first try and its robots have already been promoted by the greats of the press, the web and technology:

  • Forbes
  • Wired
  • Tech Crunch

Finally, discover this video presentation of the STEMosaur which will tell you a little more about its functioning and capabilities.

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