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Lego EV3 compatible with CoderZ

LEGO Education

The Lego Mindstorms Education team informs us this week that from now on it collaborates with CoderZ, an online robotics learning and programming environment through STEM. 

What’s CoderZ?

lego EV3 et coderz

CoderZ allows students from all over the world to use STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with the goal of real and virtual coding for robots. CoderZ was developed by Intelitek, a company with more than 30 year experiences in educational robotics. 

With CoderZ 3D simulation, schools can introduce or spread the Lego Mindstorms EV3 programs and release new efficient learning activities. The content included in CoderZ focuses on the programming of EV3 platform by using either a visual interface of blocks on Java, or the code programming directly online. So these two lines enable to make CoderZ usable by beginners as well as by experts in programming, according to their facility of coding.  

simulation 3D coderz programmation

The strengths of CoderZ

  • Access to your programs, contents and launch simulations where you have a simple internet connexion.
  • Directly program in Java or using visual editor and blocks programming.
  • Launch robots simulations in many 3D simulations stages
  • Handle your classes and follow the improvement of your students
  • Increase students’ involvement thanks to those more playful activities through the robotics coding and programming.
  • Get help from the community and help center of CoderZ
  • CoderZ is available in English and Spanish 

Minimums required for CoderZ 

  • PC running on Windows, Mac OS or Chromebook
  • Chrome navigation
  • Internet connexion 
  • Work with lego Mindstorms EV3 education requires the preliminary installation of Lejos Firmware (Java for Lego Mindstorms) on a micro SD cart

Coder Z in video

Nothing is clearer than a video to become aware of the possibilities brought by CoderZ 

To know more about CoderZ

  • Why children must learn coding as a second langage : here
  • Why you have to teach children how to code: here

However, the collaboration between Lego Education and CoderZ don’t include the support of Lego Education or guarantee related to the CoderZ online environment/contents.

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