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LEGO Education Spike Essential coming soon

LEGO Education

LEGO Education is about to offer for France and Europe its brand new PIKE Essential kit as part of the LEGO Learning System. This new LEGO Education kit aims to engage children in STEAM through fun learning activities, putting them on the path to becoming independent thinkers.


Programming LEGO Education Spike Essential


Following on from LEGO Education SPIKE Essential, SPIKE Prime, BricQ Motion Essential and BricQ Motion Prime, this new LEGO Education Spike Essential is a LEGO learning solution for imparting STEAM knowledge, academic practices and 21st century skills through a progression of playful experiences from elementary to high school.

Students develop critical skills such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication as they gain complexity, freedom, and ease in tackling practical problems year after year.

LEGO Education SPIKE Essential

LEGO Education Spike Essential set information:

  • For ages 6 and up
  • Costs about 235€ per set and can be used by 2 students at a time
  • 449 LEGO bricks (including replacement elements).
  • Sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays
  • 5 educational themes with 7-8 lessons of 45 minutes each: great adventures, amazing theme park, happy traveler, crazy carnival games and quirky creations.
  • Each theme contains 6-10 hours of educational content and over 30 minutes of language arts and math extensions for each lesson.


LEGO Education Spike Essential


As they build, code, and practice storytelling using familiar LEGO pieces, students will fall in love with the four Minifigures, each with its own personality. LEGO Education SPIKE Essential provides students with engaging learning experiences in which they solve problems by telling stories.

This STEAM solution combines classic LEGO building blocks, four new LEGO® minifigures with diverse personalities and traits that children can relate to, and learning materials based on everyday topics.

Students engage in STEAM learning while developing social-emotional skills through the characters and stories. SPIKE Essential combines age-appropriate icon and word-based block coding with basic materials like motors and a color sensor. Together, they bring STEAM ideas to life with a total of 50 hours of instructional material.

LEGO Education Learning

The LEGO Education Learning System meets the needs of each student where they are in their learning journey: scalable architecture and individualized developmental materials make LEGO Education materials simple to deploy within the classroom or entire school.

By combining LEGO Education SPIKE and LEGO Education BricQ Motion kits, the learning system makes abstract ideas more concrete as students move from simple investigations to solving increasingly difficult real-world problems.


LEGO Education Learning


LEGO® Education offers a variety of fun, hands-on STEAM learning experiences for children from kindergarten through elementary and high school through a comprehensive learning system.

LEGO Education solutions provide an active, collaborative atmosphere in which students of all levels and abilities can gain confidence, prepare their skills for the future, and ignite a passion for learning.

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