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Using Roomba: frequently asked questions

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In the Robot Advance shop and for several years now, we have only offered you Roomba vacuum cleaners from the iRobot brand. We believe it is a reliable brand that meets your expectations in terms of autonomous household performance. As brand ambassadors, we also have a responsibility to make it easier for you to maintain Roomba robots and to help you find solutions to any problems you may encounter.

Entretien d'un roomba iRobot

You will therefore find below a set of links that will take you directly to the French version of the iRobot website and provide answers to common questions that users of these Roomba vacuum robots frequently ask.

Changing the Roomba 900 bin

Here you will find all the information you need when your Roomba 900 series bin is full. The tray indicator light will light up or blink, so it should be emptied for future use. On this page you will also find instructions on how to change the cleaning behaviour of your Roomba vacuum cleaner and thus vary the filling speed of the bin. It can be filled more or less quickly depending on how often you use the robot, the surface to be cleaned during the cycle or the presence of animals in the various parts. 

Replace Roomba 800 and 900 extractors

Here you will find information and instructions on how to change the extractors and maintain the cleaning head module of your Roomba 800 and 900 series. The cleaning head module must be maintained regularly to maintain optimal cleaning performance. So you will find below a video to learn how to do it correctly. On Robot Advance you will find Roomba debris removal packs that you can replace on your own.

Connection problems between iRobot Home and your Roomba

iRobot Home application Roomba

All the new Roomba vacuum robots offered by iRobot are connected via Wi-Fi to allow you to start the cleaning cycle remotely, monitor the robot's performance or even schedule the vacuum cleaner to be vacuumed at a specific time during your absence. All this is done via the iRobot Home application, which must be configured the first time you use it.

Configuration involves the connection via Wifi between the iRobot Home application and the Roomba. In some cases, this connection may not be obvious. You will therefore find here all the verification information in case of connection problems between the iRobot mobile application and Roomba.

Maintenance of the Roomba battery

​The Roomba battery is a very important part of the vacuum cleaner robot to be maintained in the best possible way. This allows to keep an optimal autonomy and to avoid a frequent and fast battery change. This includes how to use your Roomba, but also how to recharge it or keep it clean by maintaining the cleaning of the different rooms.

entretien des borsses du roomba d'iRobot

You will find here all the official indications of the iRobot brand in French to ensure the best possible maintenance of the battery of your Roomba robots. These care instructions are intended for all models, so you will certainly find yours too. This page also provides links to maintenance guides for the various series of the vacuum cleaner robot:

  • Roomba 800 series
  • Roomba series 700
  • Roomba 600 series
  • Roomba 500 series
  • Roomba series 400

Each of these guides will give you information on changing or cleaning items such as tanks and filters, vacuum sensors, front wheels, brushes....

Your Roomba does not turn on or charge

This is a case that can happen and for which the solutions are quite simple, but you still need to know them. You will therefore find on this page all the checks proposed by iRobot and which can be the cause of a Roomba that does not charge or turn on. This mainly concerns the Roomba 500, 600, 700 and 800 series vacuum cleaners.

station recharge du Roomba d'iRobot

As a general rule, and if this happens to you, the elements involved are:

  • The iRobot home base
  • Power supply cables
  • The robot to be restarted
  • The accumulation of debris or dust in the Roomba
  • The surface on which the home base rests

If none of the proposals solve your problem, you can of course contact iRobot customer service, who will certainly give you other options.

These are the main problems you might encounter with the use of iRobot's Roomba robot and are often related to the following points:

  • The Wifi connection
  • Maintenance of the Roomba
  • Replacement of Roomba parts
  • The battery

This page will be regularly updated to add other frequently asked questions from users of these vacuum cleaners and according to the different models. The interview guides and difficulties encountered can vary from a Roomba 500 series to a Roomba 900 series.

If you also want to buy an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner on Robot Advance, you should know that we offer you several options: new robots but also second-hand Roomba robots whose packaging may have been damaged but which are at a much lower price, still under warranty and which work perfectly as a new iRobot robot would. You will find all these models on this page.

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