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Control Roomba by voice command

Domestic Robots

For those who don't know it yet, we only offer on Robot Advance vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners or window cleaners from the iRobot brand. It is known for regular innovations, high quality products like Roomba and above all for millions of satisfied users all over the world.

The iRobot brand gives us once again reason by making its Roomba, Scooba or Braava robots compatible with Alexa France. We tell you all about this little revolution in the world of wireless household robots.

Amazon Alexa and Echo

You couldn't miss this new trend of voice assistants. Google Home arrived in France at the end of last year, unlike its competitor Amazon Alexa who took his time. This has now been done since yesterday and the adaptation in French of the Amazon Alexa engine which supplies 3 vocal speakers (Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo all in all) now available in France. 

Amazon Echo compatible iRobot France

For 3 years in the USA and now in France, it has been possible for you, as with Google Home, to use your Echo speaker to ask for the time, the weather, the TV program, the recipe of your favourite dishes or even the control of the lights and temperatures in the rooms of the house.

The Amazon Alexa speaker also offers to connect to various external applications such as Deezer, Domino's Pizza, the yellow pages, yes SNCF or RATP to facilitate the search for information and the accuracy of the answers provided according to the user's data. There is also the possibility of recording sentences so that the speaker can perform a particular task. For example, you could say "Alexa, I'm home" so that the lights in the living room turn on and the music starts via Amazon Music.

At the moment 3 main models are available for sale:

  • Amazon Echo: standard speaker size at 99.99€
  • Amazon Echo Dot: miniature speaker at 59,99€
  • Amazon Echo Spot: large size penis at $129.99

Amazon Alexa, Echo and iRobot

What does this have to do with iRobot vacuum robots?! Well, for a few years now in the USA, it has been possible to use the Echo and Amazon Alexa speakers to control your Roomba with voice commands.

Amazon Echo et iRobot Roomba

Alexa not being translated into French and the Echo speakers not available here, it was not possible for you to do the same. Which is no longer the case now since the hexagon also has the right to its Echo and its Amazon Alexa engine in French.

This new feature will allow a French customer to order an iRobot Roomba robot in their native language and enjoy a new feature connected to all those already available via the iRobot HOME application (iPhone and Android). This connection allows French customers, for example, to instruct the speaker to start, stop, pause the cleaning cycle or the robot to return to its base using voice commands such as: "Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning".

An innovation that has been available in the USA for several years and which, according to Colin Angle CEO of iRobot, "improves the cleaning robot experience", "simplifies cleaning with a Roomba iRobot robot, brings new features and improves the mapping of cleaning cycles". A new step towards integrating iRobot robots for intelligent homes.

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