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Flashing Card Set Bare Conductive

Draw simple electrical circuits
Bare Conductive

This fun activity is ideal for designers of all ages. Bare Conductive provides maps and simple step-by-step instructions to guide and accompany you in drawing simple circuits with electrically conductive paint. Also learn how to attach a flashing LED and battery to your cards for complete electrical circuits.

Impress your friends, bring your cards to life and get creative with electronics!

2 models to choose from, each containing: 3 card models, 1 electric paint pen, 3 LEDs and 3 "button" batteries.

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Site Reference : RA_DFR017
Manufacturer Reference : TOY0051

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Flashing card set Bare Conductive

  • Insert the LED and battery into the holes of the pin.
  • Press a continuous cord of electrical paint on the line, and be sure to paint on each component foot to create an electrical connection.
  • Wait 15 minutes for the paint to dry and let the flashing start!
  • Simple step-by-step guidance
  • Learn how to create and design your first complete electrical circuit!


Flashing Card Set - Conductive Encounters

  • 3 x Card Designs
  • 1 x Electric Paint Pen
  • 3 x LEDs / Light Emitting Diodes
  • 3 x Coin Cell Batteries
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