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Tetrix Max Expansion Set Robotics 41979

Tetrix by Pitsco

Add this expansion set to your TETRIX collection to build bigger and more complex robots and complete more challenging engineering projects. This set includes 630+ building elements and comes complete with a convenient storage bin.

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Site Reference : RA_PIT005
Manufacturer Reference : 41979

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TETRIX MAX Expansion Set

The TETRIX MAX expansion set offers you additional parts for its TETRIX MAX educational kit. As a reminder, the TETRIX MAX Programmable Robotics Set allows students to learn STEM in a fun, practical and educative way. Whether with or without the expansion set, they will be able to create their own robots with MAX, program them and take up challenges proposed by Pitsco around autonomous robotics. This programmable and educational robotics kit can be used at home or at school and will allow young and old to learn STEM:

  • Science: compound machines, simple machines
  • Technology: technical constructions, design processes, problem-solving, technological design
  • Engineering: identifying components, engineering design, modeling, teamwork
  • Math: ​measurements, symbols, spatial sense, ratios


A complete learning program through the creation of the robot, its programming and the various challenges to be met. This TETRIX MAX add-on kit can be used in school educational programs. Each kit can be used by groups of two students and contains more than 650 components: axles, servomotors, gears, connection equipment...


Resources for the TETRIX MAX Expansion Set​

Pitsco offers many resources to consult or download to help schools and teachers implement their programmable robotics kits in educational programs. Robot Advance lists below the useful documents for the TETRIX MAX Expansion Set. Consult the TETRIX MAX Kit product sheet to see the associated educational resources and challenges.

MAX resources to download

3D CAD File - MAX expansion set

MAX resources to consult

  • 630+ total building elements
  • Variety of channels, plates, flats, and brackets not found in the robotics sets
  • Tank treads, sprockets, idler wheels, and conveyor paddles
  • Additional 40-, 80-, and 120-tooth gears, along with a rack and pinion linear slide pack
  • Continuous rotation servo motor
  • Axles, bushings, stand-offs, and connecting hardware
  • Sturdy storage bin
  • Printed builder’s guide and activity accessories

Videos related to the TETRIX MAX expansion set

Find below all the videos related to the TETRIX MAX expansion set that can help you understand how it works and integrate it as well as possible into the educational program of your schools:

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