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TETRIX By Pitsco, educational robots to build

TETRIX by Pitsco offers the construction of autonomous educational robots to teach STEM in a fun and creative way in the classroom. Pitsco offers complete education systems. The objective of the TETRIX PRIME and TETRIX MAX robot programming sets is to create an immersive learning experience in order to achieve educational objectives.


Tetrix educational programmable robots


TETRIX products and programs are designed to stimulate curiosity, provide deeper understanding, critical thinking and stimulate student confidence. But more importantly, the brand maintains strong relationships with teachers and schools to offer robotics kits that fit perfectly into educational programs.


Pitsco believes in the importance of these relationships that are the foundation of the brand's success and the resources it offers. Pitsco offers many TETRIX resources and challenges to consult or download in order to best support teachers and their schools in the implementation of educational sets in school programs.


The TETRIX products offered on Robot Advance are of the highest quality because they are made in the United States. They have enabled Pitsco to become a major player in educational robotics in schools in recent years.


Are you looking for a specific TETRIX kit or part? Contact us by email at or by phone at 0437479145.

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