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Tetrix Tele-Op Control Module 45133

Educational Programmable Robot
Tetrix by Pitsco

The TETRIX Tele-Op Control Module combines the programmability of autonomous bots with the human interface execution of a remote control, creating endless possibilities for creating robots with infinite behaviors and movements. This control module can be used with the TETRIX PRIME and TETRIX MAX programmable robotics sets.

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Site Reference : RA_PIT006
Manufacturer Reference : 45133

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Create more interactions with your educational robots

The TETRIX PRIME and TETRIX MAX educational kits are designed to teach STEM in a fun and entertaining way in schools and at home. Robots to be created by yourself using kits of several hundred parts and then programmed to confront themes around science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Programming is done via easy-to-use dedicated platforms and thanks to the many resources offered by the Pitsco brand to facilitate the integration of TETRIX into educational programs.


Tetrix programmable robot by Pitsco


Through programming, students will be able to take up various challenges to confront real-life problems and solve them through robotics. A downloadable programming library for the TETRIX PRIZM Robotics controller also facilitates the implementation of various movements and functions. The TETRIX Tele-op control module allows you to go further in the robot's movements and functions to make its behaviour even more real. It will improve the interaction and learning of young people with robotic programming.

The TETRIX Tele-op control module is compatible with the TETRIX PRIZM Robotics controller in combination with the SONY PS4 controller.


Components of the TETRIX Tele-op module

  • TETRIX Tele-Op control module
  • TETRIX MAX MAX Powerpole extension cable
  • Daisy chain data cable
  • Bluetooth USB dongle
  • 4-pin I2C port extension cable
  • Female to female 3-pin battery connection cable


Resources of the TETRIX Tele-op control module

TETRIX Tele-op resources to download

TETRIX Tele-op resources to consult


  • TETRIX Tele-Op Control Module
  • TETRIX MAX Powerpole Extension Cable
  • Daisy chain data cable
  • USB Bluetooth Dongle
  • 4-pin I2C port extension cable
  • Female to female 3-pin battery connection cable
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