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Tetrix by Pitsco

Tetrix by Pitsco

TETRIX by Pitsco is a brand that is now recognized in many schools in Europe and around the world. She has been able to create a special relationship with teachers and schools and use it to create effective educational kits. These TETRIX PRIME and TETRIX MAX educational kits have a strong pedagogical role: to involve students in the construction of educational robots but also in their programming to confront real life problems and the search for solutions through robotics.



Robotics and programming Pitsco TETRIX


These educational projects of the highest quality created in the United States allow students to learn STEM and to solve different problems through reflection around its 4 components:

  • The science
  • The technology
  • The engineering
  • Mathematics

In order to support schools in the implementation of TETRIX educational robots in educational programs, the Pitsco brand offers a large number of resources to download, consult or even educational videos to explain how each of its kits and modules works.
A process that has seduced schools that can teach STEM to their students by using their thinking, manual skills or creativity to involve them more in their education.

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