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Tetrix Prime Expansion Robotics Set 41549

Tetrix by Pitsco

Expand the horizons of your TETRIX® PRIME Programmable Robotics Set. Engineer bigger, more advanced robots, increase the robustness of builds, and combine all the TETRIX PRIME components using the additional parts and pieces included in the TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set.

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TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set

The TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set offers you additional parts for its TETRIX PRIME kit. As a reminder, the TETRIX PRIME Programmable Robotics Set allows you to create your robots and take up challenges thanks to their programming. A way to learn the basics of programming and STEM at school and at home:

  • Science
  • Technology: construction techniques, design processes, problem solving, technological design
  • Engineering: component identification, technical design, modeling, teamwork
  • Mathematics: measurements, symbols, spatial orientation, ratios


learn STEM with TETRIX PRIME educational kits


This TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set can be used in school educational programs. Each kit can be used by groups of two students and contains more than 530 components: axles, servomotors, gears, connection equipment...​This Expansion Set comes with three major parts that will provide students more design options for their robots.

  • Aluminum linkages – Mechanical linkages connect to manage force and movement.
  • Aluminum plates – Create custom gearboxes, strengthen connections, or create new ways to connect and combine all the TETRIX PRIME components.
  • Aluminum gussets – Use to connect beams or structural components as well as provide additional strength to joints.

TETRIX PRIME parts and pieces are made from aluminum and plastic.


Resources for the TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set

Pitsco offers a wide range of resources to help teachers and schools integrate robotic programming kits into their educational programs. You will find below the different resources related to the TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set. Consult the TETRIX PRIME Set product sheet to see the associated resources and challenges.

Resources to download

3D CAD file of the TETRIX PRIME extension kit

Resources to consult

  • 530+ total building elements
  • Variety of linkages, plates, and gussets not found in the robotics set
  • Standard servo motor
  • Additional gears, axles, and connecting hardware
  • Wrench set and hex nut driver
  • Sturdy storage bins
  • Printed builder’s guide

Videos related to the TETRIX PRIME expansion set

Find below all the videos related to the TETRIX PRIME expansion set that can help you understand how it works and integrate it as well as possible into the educational program of your schools:

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