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WINBOT 930 window cleaning robot

Window cleaning robot

Trade in your old cleaning tools, WINBOT has them all. A bottle of cleaning solution to dampen the front cleaning pad, a built-in squeegee for wiping, and a second cleaning pad for drying.

Now you can clean your windows, glass doors, mirrors and more with just the touch of a button. Free yourself from the heavy burden of window washing, and let window cleaning robot WINBOT do the work!

Rotating 360, faster and more intelligent mechanism, it features the new system iSmart Drive System : it is the new Winbot 930.

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Site Reference : RA_AMI003
Manufacturer Reference : AR00709

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  • WINBOT 930 window cleaning robot
  • Power Adapter
  • Extension Cord
  • Remote control
  • Safety Pod
  • 3 MOP
  • Cupule


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