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Robotis offers high-performance robots that can be used in robotic competition and that consist of the most remarquable technologies for the mainstream market of the robotics.

Educational robots that allow to accompany the youngest up to the competitors, in the learning of mechanics, robotics and programming.

  • The robots Bioloid GP: dedicated to the connoisseurs for the robotic competition with complete software developments to take in hand.
  • Ollo accompanies the youngest for their first steps in the robotics: every piece for the educational robot (link summery page) and a kit of activities for well starting.
  • Dynamixel Servomotors and module and pieces of Robotis: the most powerful and popular components in the world, to constantly improve the performance of your Bioloid humanoid robots!
  • Robotis Dream: 3 robotic kits of level 1, 2, 3 and 4 to accompany you in the learning of the structure, the assemblage, and the programming…

Discover in below all robots and accessories of Robotis, available in our website Robot-Advance.   

DARwin-OP - Deluxe Edition

Robotis DARwin-OP - Deluxe Edition

Open Plateform Humonoid Project
Bioloid Beginner kit - robotic construction game for novices

Bioloid Beginner Kit

Beginner Kit by Robotis
Bioloid Comprehensive

Bioloid Comprehensive Kit

Kit Robot from Robotis
MX-28 Gear Set Robotis Bioloid

MX-28 Gear Set

Robotis Accessory
Microcontroller Robotis for bioloid

CM-5 Bioloid Controller

ROBOTIS robots motherboard
OpenCR1.0 Robotis

OpenCR1.0 Robotis

Robotis Components
254,90 €
Darwin OP2 Robotis

Darwin OP2 Robotis

Open Source Robotics Darwin Robotis
Darwin OP3 Robotis

Darwin OP3 Robotis

Open Source Robotics Darwin Robotis
Frames Dynamixel Robotis FRP42-H110K

Adaptor Frame Dynamixel Robotis FRP42-H110K

Adaptor Frame For DYNAMIXEL PRO 42-Series
Frames Dynamixel Robotis FRP42-H120K

Hinge Frame Dynamixel Robotis FRP42-H120K

Aluminum Hinge Frame For DYNAMIXEL PRO 42-Series
Frames Dynamixel Robotis FRP42-H210K

Hinge Frame Dynamixel Robotis FRP42-H210K

Aluminium Hinge Frame For DYNAMIXEL PRO 42 series
Frames Dynamixel Robotis FRP42-H220K

Hinge Frame Dynamixel Robotis FRP42-H220K

Aluminum Hinge Frame For DYNAMIXEL PRO 42 Series
Horn HN05-N1 Robotis for RX-64

Horn HN05-N1 Robotis

Robotis Horn For RX-64
Idler set HN07-I1 Robotis

Idler Set HN07-I1 Robotis

Robotis Idler Set For RX-24F/28
Horn HN07-N1 Robotis

Horn HN07-N1 Robotis

Robotis Horn For RX-10/24F/28
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