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Coder MIP by WowWee: programmable and interactive

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The MIP Coder robot is a new programmable version by WowWee which presents red wheels and a more modern design, where we can see the components inside. Its new application on your tablet or smartphone connected via Bluetooth allows you to control easily your robot. So you can interact with it and see how fun it is. This toy robot is delivered with its teeter totter ramp, its two all-terrain wheels and its snap on tray to carry numerous objects.       

Characteristics and specificities of the robot 

robot jouet Coder MIP de wowwee

With BeaconSense, the MIP WowWee robot is aware of the surrounding situation and analyzes what’s happening around it. With GestureSense, it can response to the gestural interactions like the applauses, touches, other hand gestures. These innovative features allows it to see, to listen, to feel and to react in order to make it more interactive, fun and interesting.     

The Low Energy Bluetooth enables robot MIP Coder by WowWee to connect easily and interact with your smartphones or tablets. Finally, it has a gyroscope and accelerometer that allow it to balance, turn towards and know while carrying it. 

Mobile application and programming of MIP Coder 

It’s associated to a new application version that you can download on your smartphones or tablets. So you can easily control your  toy robot by dragging and dropping with your fingers: simple commands in the established order to customize more its actions and reactions of your Coder MIP.  The possibilities are multiple, making the game and interactions more funny and interesting. You will observe that it has its own personality, it gives many games, produces sound effects and do movements to entertain your children. 

programmation coder mip de wowwee

With the application, you can make it dance, play with it, balance on a ramp or bring lots of objects with its tray to you. 

What’s the difference compared to other robots MIP? 

The new robot offers more interactions and possibilities of games with its innovative feature BeaconSense in addition to GestureSense. Its new associated application facilitates the programming and control of your robot with the drag-and-drop commands on your smartphone. The use is simple and especially you can see every inside components thanks to its new design. It’s distinguished compared to MIP Coji that mainly communicates with it via Emoji language.

The MIP Coder in action

Order your robot, let it interact with other robots, fight, make friends or even fall in love. Play with it, communicate and ask it to bring objects to you. Adopt it! Discover MIP Coder in action through this Youtube video on WowWee channel (in English). 

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