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Domestic robot AIDO

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"AIDO is the robot that will revolutionize your daily life. Through his different roles in your home, he will become the person you can count on. Soon you won't be able to do without it and you'll wonder how you did it without it until then."

This is how the AIDO robot is presented to us anyway! The terms are certainly a little strong but it is true that the features of this robot and its technology can make it a formidable domestic helper that some will appreciate.

AIDO, the domestic robot of the future

robot aido pour la maison

We could call AIDO an educational robot since it will be able to play with your children and have a conversation with them, yes yes! In the meantime, you will have time for yourself and your other activities. 

AIDO is a true all-rounder. He can be your children's teacher, the person who repairs everyday worries, the caretaker of your house, your personal DJ, your overhead projector or even the friend who will be there for you. Not to mention that he is totally autonomous in his duties, his decisions, his movements and that he remains totally at your service.

This type of flexible robot with a highly developed artificial intelligence can be many things that would be difficult to detail in a single article. I therefore advise you to read other articles on the subject for more information.

We present you in this section robots that will appear since hang on well: the project raised $888,881, or 594% of its objective! This highlights the world's enthusiasm for this kind of domestic robots of the future.

financement participatif robot aido

A revolutionary technology

The AIDO robot is unique in its kind. He can feel, touch, see, understand and reflect. His intelligence allows him to discuss and analyze situations in order to warn you. It will perform tasks and is not limited to the sole function of an educational robot. He can entertain you by showing your favorite movies or video games, if you have a technical problem he will propose a solution, a recipe to look for or an explanatory video to find, AIDO can meet many expectations. His projectors, his analytical and comprehension skills will theoretically make it possible to face everyday problems easily or simply to forget them since he will take care of them for you.

Concerning the components, needless to say, it is a technological concentrate: 

La technologie du robot domestique AIDO

  • Humidity, temperature, GPS, noise, atmospheric pressure sensors...
  • Two overhead projectors and high definition microphones
  • 2 Quad Core processors and a Dual-Core for computers
  • A battery with a life of 8 hours

The dashboard of the AIDO robot

In order to be able to manage your home independently and according to your desires, the AIDO robot is equipped with a dashboard that you will certainly have to tame first, but which will allow fine and relevant adjustments later on.

Tableau de bord du robot AIDO

From what we can see:

  • The robot has the ability to connect to many APIs such as Google's to directly extract a lot of information instantly when you need it
  • Is open source, which means that the community will grow and offer you different uses that you wouldn't even dream of for your AIDO robot.
  • Is managed by Python technology: fine developers will really be able to use their imagination to make AIDO fit perfectly into the use they want to make of it.

The guarantee of scientific progress at your service

To own this kind of technology you must have full confidence in its creators. The company was founded in Palo Alto, USA, a reference in the creation of high-tech companies. The company has surrounded itself with researchers and engineers to offer the most efficient and revolutionary finished product possible.

It should be noted that the financing was closed in 2016 and the product did not exist. The research and development time of robots can be long, especially in the case of AIDO. It can therefore be speculated that it will appear in outbreaks in 2018. However, it is available for pre-order at this address for those who are most interested, you are not alone!

The AIDO robot in video

In the meantime, I suggest you discover this robot in a video that will tell you a little more about its functions and possibilities.

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