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Lego Machines and Mechanisms in school

LEGO Education

No need to introduce the brand Lego. Over these years, the little colorful bricks became actually unmissable toys for all children and are well present in rooms.

However, what we know less is that Lego works since about forty years with professionals of the educational field to develop playful products but also allowing to work on specific educational competences.

Thus, the branch Lego Education is born and offers today a complete collection of Lego to teach students and in general the collections of Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 and Lego Machines and Mechanisms. 

lego education machines et mécanismes

Lego Machines and Mechanisms are based on Lego educational robots to teach students in a playful and practical way the basic concepts as regards the mechanic, sciences, technology and mathematics, from the primary school. A real educational program ready to use and made available for teachers who are eager to diversify their teaching approaches.       

Lego Education

Lego Education dans les écoles

Teachers are regularly seeking solutions in order to propose a less abstract approach to the basic knowledge and concepts broached by programs. It’s with this view that Lego Education works for numerous years. Its aim: make the mathematics and sciences teaching more obvious, encourage the practices and experimentation in order to accompany children’s learning and also to give them the pleasure to learn.

To do this, Lego Education developed several sets which allow to broach some subjects as varied as the renewable energies, a discovery of the mechanic principles, a resolution to problem… In addition to broach these concepts, children also gain greater independence and learn to work together. 

Some examples of Lego Machines and Mechanisms products 

The range of Lego Machines and Mechanisms is very vary for being compatible with children of different ages and gives them a great diversity of knowledge in the scientific disciplines. 

Tech Machines Lego Duplo

Tech machines lego duplo Education

This kit is aimed at the youngest children about 3 to 6 years old – so in particular primary schools. It enables to learn the sciences and technology working the fine motor function. Children are taken to explore the machines and to gain ingenious competences. The box Tech Machines Lego Duplo counts 95 pieces, including special screwdrivers and screws, hooks, shovels, reels… Children can freely create their machines or follow the construction models given in the kit. 

My first Machines Lego Education 

Lego mes premières machines

Discover the principles of the levers, the axles, the wheels and toothed gears: here is what the pack simple machines set Lego Education offers for children from 7 to 12 years old, that’s to say for primary schools. With its 204 pieces, students could follow the training program to construct different models and meet the resolution of problem in order to get how to run the mechanic and basic ingenious components. Components are given in a tidy compartmentalized box with cover.  

Simple and motorized Mechanisms Base Set 

Lego Education kit machines simples et motorisées

Let’s finish the presentation of Lego collections to learn with the simple and powered machines set Lego. Bound for the 8 years old and more, this set enables to truly enter in Lego robots world. Its 396 pieces and instruction booklet allow to design 18 main models and 10 principle models, and so children can explore the engineering from the mechanics and structures of the real life. Thus, student will be able to bring tangible testing to the motorized machines in order to broad the notions of the strength, the movements, the measures and the energy. This set can be completed by the Lego Education “pneumatics” and “renewable energies” sets.   

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