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LEGO Education Machines and Mechanisms

Robot-Advance is a reseller of LEGO® Education products. Contact us for support, information and quotation.


Here is a quick and easy way to successfully teach the first concepts of mechanics and technology to the youngest children, and then to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics to the older children. LEGO Education, therefore, allows for an ongoing educational program through increasingly sophisticated and thoughtful brick constructions. LEGO Education's Machine and Mechanics Kits are made of LEGO Duplo or classic LEGO bricks to suit the different learning levels of students. 


Lego Machines and Mechanisms is based on LEGO bricks and construction to teach children from primary school on, in a fun and concrete way, the basic concepts of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The LEGO Education Machines and Mechanisms programme is a turnkey programme for teachers who wish to diversify their teaching approaches.


Robot-Avance distributes LEGO Education Kits Machines and Mechanisms essential for the educational program of primary schools :

  • My first LEGO Duplo machines
  • My first LEGO Education machines
  • LEGO Education Simple Machine Kit
  • LEGO Education Renewable Energy Kit
  • Batteries, accessories and replacement kits


Discover the range of Machines And Mechanisms made for both young and old.

LEGO Education Machines and Mechanisms

Download the Machines & Mechanisms activities

LEGOŽ DUPLOŽ Tech Machines

LEGOŽ DUPLOŽ Tech Machines

310,90 €

LE Replacement Pack M&M 2

Loose Parts For 9689
8,59 € 5,80 €
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