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New Supported WiFi Dongle for EV3

LEGO Education

Lego Mindstorms is characterized by the ability to build radio-controlled lego robots. The new Mindstorms EV3 kit is equipped with a programmable smart brick, called P-Brick. It acts as the brain of the toy robot that you will have created, since it establishes wireless communication via WiFi and Bluetooth, between multifunctional sensors and your smart objects such as your smartphone or computer. 

The connectivity of Lego Mindstorms EV3 is paramount from a technical point of view. Bluetooth is used for short distance contacts between two devices. While WiFi allows communication between networks at longer distances. To connect P-brick and the EV3 software, you need to use the WiFi connection. It therefore requires a WiFi dongle.

Lego Education recommends the Edimax wireless adapter ( ). It is a cheap solution and now compatible with the Lego EV3 robot. It supports different operating systems: Windows, Mac, OS, Linux. It is also a WiFi USB2.0 adapter.  Energy saving and secure, Edimax offers an ideal connection with your EV3 programmable smart brick.


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