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The new electric bricks Brixotoys

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Brixotoys, what’s this ? 

It’s an exclusive that will be available from 1e november 2017 but already available by preorder on our website Robot Advance (Brixotoys) and that will give a new wind to the followers of the bricks constructions such as Lego Mindstorms EV3 or NXT.

acheter kit brixotoys

Click on the image to preorder the Brixotoys kit 

Brixotoys was recently launched through the participation of the general public on the Crowdfounding platforms, on which the concept raised $ 1,300,000. A great rewarded idea that now has all the cards in hand to develop your creativity without limits.

Electric bricks Brixotoys

brique brixotoys qui s'allume

They are different bricks, very similar to those of Lego that you know well but have the particularity of being provided with electrical components bringing various functions:

  • The magnet brick contains a powerful magnet to operate the proximity sensor
  • The luminous brick contains 2 multidirectional LEDs for the double direction
  • The engine brick contains an electric motor
  • Battery brick contains a 9V battery, controllable by Bluetooth and preventing any short circuit
  • The sound-sensitive brick allows you to turn on / off the current to the sound of the hand clap
  • Proximity sensor will only work if it detects a magnet brick nearby
  • The light sensor brick will only switch the current when the light is darker
  • Finally, you can find the Brixotoys basic bricks 1x2, 2x2 or 1x4 but which have the particularity of running the power

toutes les briques électriques brixotoys

You will have understood the creative possibilities are endless and you can now power your basic Lego constructions with many elements Brixotoys that will react to sound or light thanks to the electric power running inside.

It is not negligible to clarify that the bricks are controllable in bluetooth, directly on your smartphone thanks to an application! 

The packs offered by Brixotoys

pack de briques électriques brixotoys

For the moment, the company has being planned to propose 6 packs that can be well suitable to all levels according to your creative objectives. But there are two categories targeted by these different packs: individuals with packs more or less complete according to the allocated budget but also the schools that Brixotoys intends to win over with a "Special Classroom" pack. 

The packs presented:

You will have understood the choice is huge and the more you advance in the different kits, the more you have creative possibilities at your disposal. An unlimited playground that will suit both children and adults, alone or with family.

Brixotoys for schools and individuals 

It is a very interesting point of this novelty, it can suit both schools and individuals.

Schools increasingly use Lego as Mindstorms or Lego Wedo 2.0 in classes with students. Brixotoys is a great way to add scheming extra features for students and so new exercises to make their imagination work

lego robotisé avec Brixotoys

This is even more true for individuals, as the number of non-motorized Lego models to build is important. It is a must-have Christmas gifts and Brixotoys electric bricks will allow updating and giving new experiments. A good way to turn these toys into toy robots for children. 

brixotoys motorise une voiture lego

Brixotoys demo video 

Finally, I propose to discover more by watching this video which will show you in pictures the possibilities offered by Brixotoys electric bricks, a new kind, compatible with Lego bricks.

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