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Zümi car to learn artificial intelligence

Educational robots

If you thought that the CES 2019 in Las Vegas was exclusively for connected objects, you're wrong! I will present you here a new educational and programmable robot that caused a sensation during the event as well as on the Kickstarter platform and that we may soon see appearing in several classrooms. 

Zumi, la voiture programmable, connecté et intelligente

Zümi, a car to learn artificial intelligence

We hear more and more about artificial intelligence through connected speakers, new autonomous cars, drones, mobile games and more generally the development of our digital world.

Like computer coding or programming, artificial intelligence is a skill that will quickly become essential and that may still seem complicated and inaccessible today. This is where the Zümi educational robot car comes in, which aims to simplify artificial intelligence and make it accessible to the youngest, a real challenge for schools in the future.

Robolink a créé une voiture robot éducative

Zümi is the first autonomous educational car kit that simply explains the concept of artificial intelligence in a fun and engaging way. Step-by-step tutorials to program the car in a miniature environment and make it progress over time. The more the car learns, the better it gets!

Robolink's Zümi educational robot car won the CES 2019 award for the best innovation in the robotics and drones category and that's not nothing!

What does the Zümi educational car do?

Well, the Zumi educational car can learn from its environment and adapt to new obstacles. Among the different options we can remember that:

  • Zümi can be programmed to calculate and use the optimal route on the road
  • Zümi can be programmed to identify obstacles on the road and act accordingly
  • Zümi can be trained to recognize the movements of your hand to follow the directions you will indicate with
  • Zümi can be trained to recognize your face as that of your friends or family

voiture programmable zumi reconnait les obstacles

A whole series of actions that may seem totally crazy to you for an educational robot, but which are nevertheless quite possible and easy thanks to the Zümi approach to artificial intelligence. This is enough to encourage vocations among the youngest!

Zümi is also a programmable car

Although the goal of the Zümi educational robot is initially a first approach to artificial intelligence, it will also help students and classes learn the code and programming. You don't need to be an expert in this field to achieve this, since Robolink provides an easy-to-use robot, numerous tutorials and block coding, for a pictorial and therefore simplified realization.

voiture éducative programmable zumi

The value of this educational experience is that it can also be much more advanced by computer development experts who will not be afraid to tackle pure lines of code and go much further in exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

From a technical point of view, I let you discover what this educational, connected and programmable car has in store for a price that should be around 99$. 

Composantes techniques du robot éducatif Zumi

The project initiated by Robolink has so far raised nearly $66,000 out of the $50,000 requested through its Kickstarter page. The manufacture of the first educational cars is expected to start in March 2019 and distribution in May of the same year.

Video of the Zümi educational car

And finally, what could be better than to discover the video produced by the company. It will give you an idea of the possibilities that will be provided by this new connected, educational and programmable car.

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