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The new toy robot of WowWee: Fingerlings

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WowWee is a brand of toy robots well-known by the consumers as it innovates in the field as was the case during CES 2016 in Las Vegas, with the presentation of the robot dog CHIP high tech and full of ambition. I will present today one of its novelties, not yet available in France but many of which praise the Atlantic: the Fingerlings robot that we hope to see landed in France soon.

Robot jouet Fingerlings de WowWee

Fingerlings : attention fastened robot! 

Robotic consumers are very fond of artificial intelligence and an innate interaction of robots, which are often found in fairly high price ranges of WowWee robots. A price justified by the innovation and countless features but not always accessible to all spending.

These two points were respected in an innovative and very endearing robot: the Fingerlings. A range of pop-monkey robot at $ 14.99 each and equipped with small arms that grab around your finger.

Fingerlings accroché au doigt

The body of the robot does not move but the Fingerlings react to the touch and your movements with a series of gestures and sounds more endearing than the others.

Under the hood of the Fingerlings

This WowWee novelty measures only 5.5 inches and is perfectly suited to go on your fingers, in your pocket or on your backpack. The head of the robot monkey is got on a servomotor, which allows it to shake its head and say "Hello!" before laughing as soon as you turn it on. Its large microphone behind the head allows to hear very clearly the different messages that it transmits.

For a robot under 20 €, the Fingerlings has two sensors (not bad for its size) and reproduces no less than 40 different reactions to the actions that you can propose to it such as:

  • Clap your hands
  • Give it a pat on the head
  • Stroke it
  • Shake it up and down
  • Etc ..

robot fingerlings qui s'endort

Among the reactions, we can note:

  • The sound of a kiss when you blow it to the face
  • Close its eyes, fall asleep and snore when you cradle it
  • Whistle to respond to your indifference
  • Or even emit gases, yes!

Impressive and numerous interactions for such a small robot whose price is truly accessible to all. A souvenir of the tamagoshi with this robot Fingerlings of WowWee that you will not have to feed but that will still remain endearing than other well-known robots.

Fingerlings in action

Finally, I invite you to discover this English video of the robot monkey of WowWee in action in order to become aware of the possibilities of this surprising small toy robot.

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