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Withings Aura

Withings Connected Alarm Clock

With Aura by Withings say goodbye to difficult awakenings!

Discover the most pleasant alarm clock to start the day in a good mood.

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Site Reference : RA_TIL012
Manufacturer Reference : WI-70035401

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Aura by Withings extends beyond its first alarm-clock function. It will wake you up thanks to musical but also light.

A two-in-one connected object

Both lamp and alarm-clock, this connected object will be your best friend for difficult awakenings.

The color of the light is especially chosen to help you sleep or wake-up with colorful lights. A progressive dawn simulator to wake you up with day light or red tons to encourage the production of sleep hormones; Aura is a jewel of science to produce a high-tech object which will make your life easier.

Combine a luminous and a musical awakening. You have tens possibilities to find the music you like: Aura programs, personal playlists, Spotify with playlists especially for Spotify, or even the radio, you will find what you like for a gentle wake-up call!

This functionality can also be used for going to sleep or even play background music.

A sleep and environment analysis

Aura will help you improve greatly your sleep thanks to numerous sensors. The temperature, light and noise level of your room are analyzed and Aura will warn you via your smartphone if there is too much light or noise in your room, for example.

In addition, thanks to the additional sensor to put under your mattress, your sleep is analyzed precisely and a report is available on your smartphone every morning. Sleep variations, night awakenings or even calculation of slept time, everything is measured in a precise way so you can wake-up at the best time according to your sleep cycles.

Everything is registered on the application Health Mate free for Android and iOS.

Finally, USB ports are on the alarm-clock so you can charge your smartphones and electronical devices during the night. The Wi-Fi of your devices will be deactivated when around your alarm-clock to avoid an overexposure to electromagnetic waves.

To stop the ringing, nothing’s easier, just briefly touch the touch-sensitive superior part of Aura.


  • Brand: Withings
  • Dimensions:
    • Alarm-clock: 288(H)x128(L)x135(D) mm
    • Sleep sensor: 15(H)x210(L)x700(l) mm
  • Network:
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth smart
  • Compatibility:
    • iOS 7.0 or higher (iPhone 4S or above, iPod Touch 4th generation or above, iPad 2nd generation or above, iPad Air, iPad Mini)
    • Android 4.3 and higher and requires a device with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Battery: universal sector




FAQ And Technical Support

  • A Bedside device
  • A sleep sensor
  • A universal power cable with adapter US/UK/EU included
  • A quick installation guide (French, English, German, Spanish and Italian)
  • Free Health Mate application
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