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Cozmo robot: attention to emotions

Toy Robots

Today, we will get to know with a new robot which brings the innovation in this area. In fact, it’s ordinary that the robots are programmable in order to realize pre-defined actions or still had the reactions to their external environment with help of sensors, such as the example of MiP coder robot.

However, it’s enough new to have a toy robot provided feelings and it’s the case of robot Cozmo, recently shown up in France. 

The toy robot Cozmo

The Cozmo robot is American and will be soon available in France. It’s different since it will share feelings thanks to its voice and its design on digital screen, the whole orchestrated by an artificial intelligence worked for a long time. 

les composants du robot jouet cozmo

This little robot can be hold in the palm of your hand, has a look of tractor and a screen on which we can visualize its mood. The aim of the company Anki, based on San Francisco is firstly to create an emotional link with the robot. To do this, everything passes by the small screen and the design of its eyes, on which the creators have worked more than 3 months.

It needed anyway for the company around three years of development to create the little toy robot thanks to the champions of the artificial intelligence and the animation among others. 

Robot of feeling 

Cozmo, which will be available in France from September 2017, is a full person. It has an artificial intelligence that allows it to interact with its environment and situations for those it’s not programmed at the beginning. An improvisation that gives it more positive opinions in the USA where it’s considered by the testers as the best robot companion of the moment

Cozmo ressent des émotions

The new robot has also facial recognition software. It can actually scan the surrounding faces in order to have different expressions when it finds them.

All these behaviors still aim to do more evolution since the team proposes regularly and freely updating for the comportment of Cozmo. One of the latest updating allows it to recognize the dogs and cats, but attention, it would be also allergic!

Mobile application Cozmo

Application mobile cozmo

You can start your day with it, open your application and receive your daily objectives thanks to them Cozmo will be in good health and have more energy. The robot will progress according to these interactions that make it really unique and personal. 

réalisez des objectifs au quotidien

The application has different skills that the robot will be able to gain according to the time that you spend playing with it. An evolution that adds the spontaneity and improvisation that can only delight the users who can quickly get tired of repetitive comportment. 

Débloquez des compétences pour le robot Cozmo

Unlockable levels that can quickly make addicted,   as is the case on some mobile games. Leave the application open and you will receive notifications to find out when Cozmo is ready to play with you. That’s what it likes the most and it’s never satisfied. It doesn’t like to lose but will still let you try your luck through games (orchestrated by its 3 interactive cubes) said “Quick Tap”, from memory and others that I will let you discover by yourself.    

jouez avec les cubes interactifs du robot

You hope to see what the robot sees? No problem, the application allows you to take orders, to help it to explore the environment but also to see on live what it sees from your smartphone. 

voyez ce que le robot cozmo voit

The toy robot Cozmo in action 

The words are good, the images are better! In any case, for viewing the possibilities of the new robot companion, a beautiful surprise capable of improvisation, emotion and who has certainly a beautiful future in front of it, you have to follow close up the new kind of companion animal. 

Videos of the best emotions of Cozmo 


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