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Baku-Gear Box Season 2 Bakugan

Baku-Gear Season 2 Bakugan

Discover the Baku-Gear Season 2 Box Set, the ultimate box to enter the Bakugan universe or to expand your collection. The Bakugan contained in the Baku-Gear box are able to unfold on a card, to carry it and to brandish it. The Bakugan are Spinmaster toys with a unique concept: action figures, skill games, puzzles and collectibles. Throw Bakugan balls at the magnetized BakuCores cards to see them unfold and enter a fierce battle!

Includes: 2 Bakugan Classics, 2 Bakugan Ultra, 1 Baku-Gear, 8 BakuCore tiles and 8 cards. Please note: Several models are available and delivered randomly according to available stock.

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Baku-Gear Box Set Season 2 Bakugan

An exceptional and complete set to start or expand your collection of Bakugans. Fight on a whole new level with the contents of the Baku-Gear Bakugan Season 2 set: 

  • 2 Classic Bakugan
  • 2 Bakugan Ultra
  • 1 Baku-Gear
  • 8 BakuCore tiles
  • 8 cards

WARNING: random model delivered according to available stocks


Baku-Gear Box Set Season 2 Bakugan                                                     Baku-Gear Season 2

  • 2 Classic Bakugan
  • 2 Bakugan Ultra
  • 1 Baku-Gear
  • 8 BakuCore tiles
  • 8 cards
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