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Playmobil Toys

Playmobil toys have always accompanied children and offer them the opportunity to immerse themselves in their imagination through hundreds of sets and thousands of figurines. Each Playmobil set is part of a finely crafted universe, each containing extremely detailed elements that you won't find in any other toy. That's why Playmobil toys have made a name for themselves with children all over the world!


The largest Playmobil series is City Life and Action for Urban Life. You can also find sets for the police and fire brigade here. You can also go to the countryside with the Playmobil Country series, go on holiday with Summer Fun, or become a knight, pirate and even an astronaut.


Playmobil toys are made of very strong plastic, so that children can play with them for many years without the risk of their toys deteriorating. Whether it is for Christmas, birthdays or just for fun, Playmobil toys are a must-have for your children's bedroom.


Playmobil toys

Playmobil Classic Cars

Playmobil Classic Cars

The most beautiful Playmobil cars

Join the Playmobil universe and have fun with the most beautiful cars that have become iconic over time. Collector cars to have fun with and become a race driver or a tourist in your Mini Cooper in no time. 5 beautiful cars to create your collection.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, Mini Cooper, Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7, Knight Rider - K 2000 and Chevrolet Corvette C3.

Playmobil Pirates

Playmobil Pirates

Playmobil pirates with ships, treasures and cannons

Climb aboard the Playmobil pirate ship and open your board to hunt for the world's greatest treasures. You'll need patience and courage to find the treasure and board the ships that stand in your way. Join the world of Playmobil pirates.

Pirate Ship, Soldier Boat, Soldier Bastion and Pirate Treasure Den.

Playmobil Asterix

Playmobil Asterix

Playmobil Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Ketautomatix, Assurancetourix...

Join the world of Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Ketautomatix, Assuredtourix and other emblematic characters from the Asterix series. Playmobil Asterix offer faithful reproductions of your children's favourite scenes, allowing them to play as their favourite hero and go on an adventure.

The hut of Abraracourcix, Getafix the cauldron of Magic Potion, The village banquet, The hut of Assuredtourix, The boar hunt and The Roman legionaries.

Playmobil Ponys

Playmobil Poneys et Poney Club

Playmobil in the world of ponies, horses and the pony club

Discover the wonderful world of Playmobil, ponies and horses with these complete Playmobil sets for riding and training the world's most beautiful horses. Create your own training park, transport your ponies in a trailer and stop for a coffee at the pony club.

Pony car and van, Pony box and trailer, Pony club café, Training arena, Obstacle course with horses and Party decoration with ponies.

Playmobil Modern House

Playmobil Modern House

Modern Playmobil house with garden, kitchen, bedrooms...

The house is a great playground for children. Playmobil offers them their own house to create a cocoon with the bedrooms, the kitchen, the garden and all the rooms that compose it. Have fun making your family live in the modern Playmobil house as if you were there.

Fitted kitchen, Bathroom with Italian shower, Modern house, Teenager's bedroom, Relaxation area with swimming pool, Fitted living room and Extra floor fitted Modern house.

Playmobil Water Park

Playmobil Water Park

Playmobil Water Park with pools and slides

Join the world of Playmobil with sets that allow you to create your own water park. Children can play as Playmobil characters for a wonderful day at the water park. Create a park with slides, a pool or a bubble bath for an extraordinary adventure.

Pool with water jet, Water park with slides and Wading pool with bubble bath.

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