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Varta batteries LR06 AA, AAA, LR20, CR2032 and CR123A

Many children's toys, as well as the vast majority of everyday objects, are nowadays powered by batteries. An indispensable element that allows these toys to be animated, interactive and to add new features and options so that children can have more fun. Batteries are not always included in the toys when delivered, you will find in this section Robot-Advance the most commonly used batteries:


  • AA Batteries
  • AAA Batteries
  • LR20 Batteries
  • CR2032 Batteries
  • CR123A Batteries


Robot-Advance offers you only the highest quality, the batteries selected here are Varta branded and manufactured in Germany by this specialized brand created in 1887. Because it is essential to always have batteries at home and in everyday life,  you will find here AA battery packs of 40, AAA battery packs of 10 and LR20 battery packs of 20 batteries. 


Varta Batteries

Philips Longlife AAA Batteries Set of 12

Philips Longlife AAA Batteries Set of 12

12 batteries Philips Longlife : type AAA, tension 1,5V
Philips Longlife AA Batteries Set Of 4

Philips Longlife AA Batteries Set Of 4

4 batteries Philips Longlife : type AA, tension 1,5V
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