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Kinetic Sand: sand for playing

Playing with this kinetic sand is great fun and will keep your children occupied for a long time. This new creative hobby by Spin Master will allow young and old to work their imagination and inventiveness. This sand is very easy to model and shape, everything is possible! Animals, castles, fortresses, vehicles, characters or fantastic creatures, children can create absolutely everything. Find the original colour of the sand but also other colours to bring your constructions to life.


Don't worry about cleanliness: this sand doesn't stick to your hands and doesn't get dirty. It is easy to clean and leaves no marks. The Kinetic Sans consists of 98% real sand and 2% non-toxic synthetic of course. This sand flows through the fingers like a liquid, but leaves them dry. The sand itself never dries out, so you can have endless fun.


Kinetic Sand is made in Sweden and meets European standards.


Kinetic Sand Spin Master


Kinetic Sand Construction Case

Case including 907 g of sand, 1 crane, 1 construction machine
34,99 € 31,49 €

Kinetic Sand Unicorn Kingdom Set

Box of 907g of sand and 8 accessories to build your own kingdom
29,99 € 26,99 €

Kinetic Sand Case 900g Sand

Kinetic Sand by Spin Master
29,99 € 26,99 €

Sandisfying Set Kinetic Sand

900g Kinetic Sand and 10 moulds to create
24,99 € 19,49 €
Kinetic Sand Castle Set

Kinetic Sand Castle Set

Sandbox Castle 454g Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand 10 Color Refill

Kinetic Sand 10 Color Refill

Pack of 10 colors Kinetic Sand 1,27Kg
Kinetic Sand Refill 900g

Kinetic Sand Refill 900g

Random color: purple, blue or green
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