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Creative games and toys

Discover here the kits and toys dedicated to creative hobbies for all children, girls and boys, young and old. Robot-Advance has selected for you and your children a set of known or new games with which they will be able to create without any limit. 


Explore the materials, the techniques of creation and become true artists with unique pieces that do not exist anywhere else: bracelets, necklaces or handbags to be invented from scratch according to your colors and your desires. Explore the proposed universes such as the one of unicorns that children love or create your own that looks like no other!


Loisirs créatifs jeux jouets


Loopdeloom Ann Williams Weaving Loom Kit

Creative Weaving Kit by Ann Williams
19,99 € 16,99 €

Loopdedoo Ann Williams Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelet creation kit
24,99 € 19,99 €

Craft-Aastic Ann Williams DIY Charm Bracelets

Complete art and craft kit by Ann Williams
19,95 € 10,99 €

Craft-Tastic Ann Williams I Love Unicorns

6 creative projects on the universe of unicorns
24,95 € 12,99 €
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