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Meccano toys to build

Meccano, these are new generation construction games that will perfectly suit children who are not afraid of challenges. These vehicles to be created by yourself are composed of a multitude of metal parts that will have to be assembled to each other according to the construction instructions. These cars, motorcycles, 4X4s, Formula 1, dinosaurs or tractors to be created will be perfect for budding mechanics who will then run their new toys thanks to many components: suspensions, steering, adjustable speed engine... Find kits of 10, 15 or 25 different vehicles to create, reproduction for some of the major brands like Ferrari or Ducati.

Meccano jeu à construire

Meccano also offers robots to be built based on the same principle which will then work thanks to the different components: LEDs, servomotors, voice recognition or motion imitation. 
Like the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots, Meccano Tech robots offer an unlimited gaming experience in two steps: the first is to create the robot and the second is to program and play with it. Each child will thus be able to play with his robot for a very long time and discover the new possibilities offered to him as they go along. For example, each Meccanoid robot has more than 1000 pre-programmed sentences and can be controlled remotely.

Meccano Junior 150-piece barrel

150-piece barrel for Meccano Junior constructions
27,99 € 23,79 €

Meccano 5 Model Construction Case

5 blue white red Meccano models to build
44,99 € 40,49 €

Supercar 25 Motorized Models Meccano

25 motorized Supercar models to build
44,99 € 35,99 €
Retrofriction cars Meccano Junior

Retrofriction cars Meccano Junior

Meccano building set
24,99 € 23,29 €

Meccano Junior Tractor Shovel 6064178

Meccano Junior Tractor Shovel To be build
22,99 € 17,20 €

Meccano Junior Police Car 6064177

Meccano junior police car 73 pieces
44,99 € 34,00 €

Racing Vehicles 10 Models Meccano 6060104

10 models of racing vehicles to build Meccano
24,99 € 17,20 €

Motos 5 Meccano Models To Build

Building Toy
19,99 € 13,50 €
Monster Truck Meccano Junior 6060171

Monster Truck Meccano Junior 6060171

Construction Monster Truck Meccano Junior 127 pieces
Fire truck Meccano Junior

Fire truck Meccano Junior

150 pieces, sound and light effects
Meccano Spring Invention Kit

Meccano Spring Invention Kit

217 pieces, 1 Maker Tool punch, 6 invention sheets, 2 tools
Backhoe Loader Meccano

Backhoe Loader Meccano

Meccano building set
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