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Bakugan Deka Pack 1

Bakugan Toys

Discover Pack 1 Bakugan Deka with larger Bakugan toys capable of brandishing and carrying the card on which they were deployed!  This pack contains 1 Bakugan Deka, 1 BakuCore and 1 Master Card. 

As action figures, skill games, puzzles and collectibles, Bakugan marbles deploy and transform into fabulous creatures when sent correctly on hexagonal magnetic cards.  

Random model or any model: Dragonoid (Red), Nillious (Black) or Hydorous (Blue)

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Site Reference : RA_SPI166
Manufacturer Reference :

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Bakugan Deka pack 1: collect all Bakugan

Each Bakugan is also a miniature puzzle: you have to learn to master its unique closing mechanism. There is a wide variety of Bakugan toys to collect: 32 unique shapes in multiple colours and rare Bakugans hidden randomly. 

  • Throw the ball to deploy your Bakugan and go into battle
  • Contents: 1 Bakugan Deka, 1 hexagonal BakuCore card, 1 Master card
  • Practice and collect all the Bakugan from the cartoon
  • Random model or any model: Dragonoid, Nillious or Hydorous
  • Bakugan toy from 6 years old

Bakugan Deka: characteristics

  • Weight of article 209 g
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H) 19 x 8.9 x 20.3 cm
  • Age recommendation: 6 - 8 years
  • Manufacturer's reference 6051238
  • Do-it-yourself product No
  • Battery(s) / Battery(s) required No
  • 1 Bakugan Deka (Dragonese, Hydorous, Nillious)
  • 1 hexagonal BakuCore card
  • 1 Master Card
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