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Bakugan Starter Pack

Bakugan Toys

Bakugan toys are coming to Robot-Advance. The children will play their favourite heroes and enter the arena with their best Bakugan. The Bakugan Starter Pack is available in 4 different versions and each contains 2 classic Bakugan, 1 ultra Bakugan, 6 hexagonal BakuCore cards, 3 Character cards and 3 Master cards. A complete starter kit to start training!

19 random models or a choice of models available: find below all the packs available on Robot-Advance according to the models received and in stock.

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Site Reference : RA_SPI198
Manufacturer Reference :

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Bakugan Starter Pack: dive into the Bakugan universe

Each Bakugan has its own strengths, weaknesses and characteristics. There are dozens of them to collect and train with to become the best trainer in Bakugan. Choose from 4 starter packs, practice and enter the arena!

  • Throw your ball and deploy your Bakugan for combat
  • The Bakugan Starter Pack contains 3 figurines to form a complete team ready for battle
  • The Starter pack contains 2 classic Bakugan, 1 Ultra Bakugan, 6 hexagonal BakuCore cards, 3 Character cards and 3 Master cards
  • Bakugan toys are recommended for children from 6 years old

Bakugan Starter Pack: features

  • Article weight 4.54 g
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H) 20.7 x 6.4 x 25.4 cm
  • Manufacturer's age recommendation: 5 - 7 years
  • Manufacturer's reference 6045144
  • Do-it-yourself product No
  • Battery(s) / Battery(s) required No

Les Starter Pack Bakugan

Bakugan starter pack Darkus LupitheonBakugan starter pack Haos NobiliousBakugan starter pack Ventus ViceroxBakugan starter pack Pyrus NilliousBakugan starter pack Aurelus Hydranoid        Bakugan Starter Pack Aquos Webam

Bakugan starter pack Pyrus gorthionbakugan starter pack darkus turtoniumbakugan starter pack ventus garganoidbakugan starter pack haos nilliousbakugan starter pack pyrus fangzorbakugan starter pack maxautorbakugan starter pack aurelus dragonoidbakugan starter pack ventus krakeliosbakugan starter pack diamond gorthionbakugan starter pack dragonoidbakugan starter pack aquos pegatrixbakugan starter pack turtoniumbakugan starter pack darkus gorthionbakugan starter pack pyrus turtoniumbakugan starter pack diamond cyndeousbakugan starter pack pyrus mantanoidbakugan starter pack serpentezebakugan starter pack aurelus howlkorbakugan starter pack haos hydorous


  • 2 classic Bakugan
  • 1 Ultra Bakugan
  • 6 hexagonal BakuCore cards
  • 3 Character cards
  • 3 Master cards
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