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Bakugan Starter Pack Season 2

Starter pack Season 2

Start without further delay in season 2 Bakugan with the Starter Pack. Expand your collection with this complete pack containing 2 epic Armoured Alliance Bakugan, six powerful BakuCores, collectible character cards, and skill cards. Roll your Bakugan over the BakuCores to make them open and fight! Old Bakugan are returning, but new ones are coming. 

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Bakugan Starter Pack Saison 2

  • Starter pack Bakugan Season 2 with two Bakugan and one Bakugan Ultra to get you into battle
  • Roll the Bakugan over the BakuCores to jump open and pick up the BakuCores to reveal their hidden power.
  • Use the Training Card to prepare yourself and take it to the next level to become an epic brawler and take on your friends.
  • Start your Bakugan Season 2 collection without further delay
  • Ideal gift for children 6 years and older
  • Includes 2 Bakugan Classics, 1 Bakugan Ultra, 6 BakuCore Hex cards, 3 Character cards, 3 Master cards


Bakugan Starter Pack Saison 2

  • 2 Bakugan Classics
  • 1 Bakugan Ultra
  • 6 BakuCore Hex cards
  • 3 Character cards
  • 3 Master cards
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