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Bendy Bunchems Box Set

Bunchems creative leisure

A new game mode with flexible rods to bring your creations to life even more easily and make them pose. This Bendy Bunchems set contains more than 350 Bunchems and accessories that will allow children from 4 years old to express their creativity in an unlimited way. 

In this kit, you will find a mega Bunchems, 6 Bendy rods, 9 accessories or a booklet to guide you in your creations.

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Site Reference : RA_SPI080
Manufacturer Reference : 6046471

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New Bunchems, new creative leisure !

If you don't know the Bunchems yet, then you've missed something and so have your children! Bunchems are a new creative leisure activity made up of small pieces that can be clipped together with a simple push of a button to create animals, characters, monuments and anything else that comes to mind.

The Bendy Bunchems are evolving this new creative hobby for even more fun. Bendy Bunchems are flexible rods that children can easily twist in any position after putting the Bunchems on. The rods then hold the position. 

Bendy Bunchems Box Set

Create with the Bendy box set from Bunchems

  • Thread the new Bunchems with holes of your choice on one or more Bendy rods
  • Manipulate his Bendy and give them the desired shapes
  • Assemble the rods to build the base of the creation, expand the shape with more Bunchems and give it more life with fun accessories!  

Bendy Bunchems Box Set: contents of the box

The box contains the new "perforated" Bunchems adapted for the rods. More dynamic, larger, moving creations. You can really make your characters "pose"! 

  • 6 Bendy rods
  • 345 Coloured and perforated bunchems
  • 1 Giant Bunchems
  • 9 accessories
  • 1 creative guide
  • 6 Bendy rods
  • 345 Coloured and perforated bunchems
  • 1 Giant Bunchems
  • 9 accessories
  • 1 creative guide
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