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Kumi Kreator Bracelets Creation

Create your friendship bracelets
Cool Maker

The Kumi Kreator kit by Cool Maker is a revolutionary machine for making friendship bracelets. To create the bracelet, simply choose the colours you prefer, close it and turn the machine crank: the friendship bracelet creates itself and is ready to be worn or offered.

The Kumi Kreator kit has been elected toy of 2019 and and pleases all children ​all over the world.

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Site Reference : RA_SPI067
Manufacturer Reference : 6038301

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Kumi Kreator to create your own friendship bracelets

Kumi Kreator is the new creative leisure activity that will allow your children to let their imagination run wild by creating a multitude of different friendship bracelets in all colours. Its use is very simple and will suit children from 8 years old:

  • Choose colors and clasp
  • Place the bobbins in the Kumi Kreator wristband machine
  • Turn the crank handle
  • And do it again to get as many friendship bracelets as you want

Make friendship bracelets of any size you want: the more you turn, the bigger the bracelet will be !

The Kumi Kreator kit contains enough to make 10 bracelets after which you can buy new refills and coils to make the pleasure last. Each refill sold separately contains 96 coils available in 5 different colours and 12 clasps. Colours to match to each other to create all different friendship bracelets that your children can wear themselves or offer to their best friends!


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