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Kumi Kreator Deluxe

Create Bracelets And Necklaces
Cool Maker

The Kumi Kreator kit already allowed you to create friendship bracelets of all colours and very quickly thanks to its bracelet making machine and its many accessories. Cool Maker is back with the Kumi Kreator Deluxe version: create your friendship bracelets in the same way but also create trendy necklaces without any limits. A necklace for every day of the week? Anything is possible!

This Cool Maker creative kit is recommended for children from 8 years old and contains a Kumi Kreator Deluxe machine, 60 rolls of coloured yarn, 7 clasps, 14 tips, 2 creative booklets and 1 wrist measuring ruler.

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Site Reference : RA_SPI081
Manufacturer Reference : 6053898

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Kumi Kreator Deluxe: create your friendship necklaces and bracelets

The Kumi Kreator machine makes it easy to create friendship bracelets and necklaces! 
Just choose your model from the included booklet, place your bobbins of yarn on the machine as shown on the page of the chosen model, attach the threads to the top of the machine and off you go! Turn the crank and the bracelet is created in front of you!

It's magical the bracelet is formed in just a few minutes. This system allows you to stop the manufacture of the bracelet whenever you want to adapt its length to your wrist. The very qualitative yarns, give a trendy and very colorful rendering.

No need to measure the length of the wires, the coils are for single use only for even greater ease. Clips are included to lock the wires and slide the clasps into them. It's child's play!  
This kit will allow you to make up to 5 bracelets and 2 necklaces.

Kumi Kreator Deluxe

Kumi Kreator Deluxe: box contents

You will find in the Kumi Kreator Deluxe kit from Cool Maker:

  • The Kumi Kreator Deluxe machine
  • 60 reels of coloured yarn
  • 7 clasps
  • 14 tips
  • 2 charms
  • 2 creation booklets
  • 1 wrist measuring ruler
  • The Kumi Kreator Deluxe machine
  • 60 reels of coloured yarn
  • 7 clasps
  • 14 tips
  • 2 charms
  • 2 creation booklets
  • 1 wrist measuring ruler
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